The Beauty Behind Young Heartbreak

Young adulthood is hard when it comes by

It can seem so innocent, but times does fly

I had my first heartbreak

Which may be seen as a mistake


But when you’re sixteen years old

Learning the true definition of “to have and to hold”

You start to realize the desire of wanting “love”

Unfortunately does not fly away like a dove


So you’ll cry, scream, and wish you didn’t meet

Only because your heart reeks of defeat

But your first love, is the usually the best

It makes you put your heart to a test


Which many adults talk about in vain

But I, did not fall to this pain

I brushed off my shoes, brushed my hair

I honestly enjoyed the intensity of my heart being bare

I became succumb to the feeling of “puppy love”

Understanding that this emotion is not one to shove

Although we all hate when it comes crashing down

I will not think of my first love and frown


Instead, I will be rather grateful

Because this heartbreak could have turned hateful

Now I see that it only took me

To see, that I am maturing and becoming free


I realize that everyone in this world will have this feeling

Now all it takes is time and healing



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