She's my Rock.

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 11:35 -- acprice


Lonely Night

When I look at the see I only sea me,

Nothing special, Nothing true. 

I wonder through the sand 

Dragging my feet in the blue,

To my surprise 

a little white shell caught my eyes

it was pretty, smooth, with not a groove. 

Special? maybe 

I continued along the see.

The further I ventured 

The Lonely I came to be,

Until I saw a dark and mysterious shard. 

Sharp and defined, with a little shine

I picked it up, what a find.

My wonder was coming to an end, 

But for some reason I was feeling like a whole in the sand. 

Sad, defeated, feet in hand 

About to head in for the night.

When there it was, 

It felt just right. 

Small but solid, rough but smooth, 

I knew it was the one; 

My heart it began to sooth.

I looked to the sky,

A moonlight twinkle running from my eye.

I thought to myself, 

Thank you Lord,

as I whisperd 

Good, Night. 





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