Simply C

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 12:19 -- tifflah

He's a mystery, nothing obvious about him, 
Someday's a smart ass, on others he's a high class gentleman.
He'll twist your heart into knots in seconds,
always answering a question with questions.
Dark hazel eyes that dare you with danger,making sparks fly, while he hides his anger.
He's only fueling the fire, he's set in your heart,
because it makes him happy to see the desire in your eyes spark.
So one day he can come and save you from danger,all superhero, almost like he's Walker,Texas Ranger.
But although it may seem,he's not got a heart only made of stone,
part of him still wants to belong,
to have someone who happens to sing the same familiar song,
and stay up talking and arguing all night long. 
He hides his soft side on the dark side of the moon, that way no one can figure him out way to soon. 
He's magic and myth, sadness, and laughter,
He's happy and sad, and sweet but yet sour.


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