Sat, 07/16/2016 - 21:05 -- tiraluv

I have a friend who is 17, a junior in high school, and getting married.

Automatic thinking: you’re too young to be getting hitched.

You don’t even know what love is.

But if this is true old people, then show me what it really is.

Show me why marriage is even worth four months of my time to plan.

You tell us loves takes time.

Love is patient.

Don’t make love a casualty but your destiny.

Destiny is not the same as destination so stop looking so hard.

We just have to wait for it.

Use our God given patience and wait for it.

But mine is thinner than tissue paper in a life that’s too short.

Right now, love only exists for the 80 year old couples who still walk in the park holding hands.

It’s too bad I don’t get that example.

I witness the fights, sleepless nights, and tears on plump pillows from border line failed relationships.

Why is it that when we go on a girls day out, we end up talking about him?

You speak more complaints than I love yous.

My worldly examples make me wonder where true love went.

Does it still exist?

And if it’s not gone, then why is it slipping away?

Marriages fall apart like the walls of Jericho, cinder block by cinder block.

You think it’s stronger than brick, but it’s just as fragile.

It can easily crumble to a pile of pebbles just like the hope of our young people.

We are in a state where we ask the purpose of marriage.

No longer evident its sustainability.

Women, so love struck, yet so heart broken, forfeit the idea.

Men, surpassed by women, stand firm in the question “with so many options, how can you be confined to just one?”

The same way you’re only short one rib.

God designed this gift as a reward for doing his works.

He blesses those joined in matrimony before him committing to each other with accountability.

Mounted at the forefront of the alter, laced with scriptures on how to carry on.

Love is not lost.

It is being repaired and updated to remove the viruses and hugs like an app.

And while it’s down in construction, we will prepare ourselves for a new beginning.

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