Young Love


The darkness has arrived, the sun has left to cry
I open up but you still leave before i say goodbye
It is too dark to walk around, all I do is fall
I yell your name but still you do not call
Perhaps the dark shall be my friend and tell me all its tales
Il'l listen close and try to hope but still to no avail
I hear your words and see you try to care
But you don't know what it is like when there is no one there
I shout and cry and yell a bit, but still it echoes back
I try to dream in color, but it all fades to black
As winds blow and bridges sway I'll hold you one last time
For I'm afraid my dear that you're not actually mine
I feel your warmth and yet I still am cold
You talk of futures that I still don't know
I try to smile but still a frown appears
So hold me close and don't let go my dear


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