My Love Poem

Don't take a shot at love

 if you know you’re afraid you'll miss

 Don't ever hesitate

 To ask for a kiss!

 Don't be so sure

 That everyone’s the same

 A different personality

 Has a different name!

 Don't be so open

 To everybody’s heart

 Don't hit go

 If you’re not sure to start!

 Don't make a promise

 If u know it will be broken

 Don’t walk away

 With words left unspoken

 Don't stay mad

 if you know u really care

 Don't walk away

 When u really want to be there

 Don't hate to question

 If the feeling really true!

 And if u don’t mean it

 Don’t say I love you! ♥

-Marche Chetisarae Stollenwerck


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