Broken Angel

My broken angel

With wings made of porcelain

With a mind held together by threads

With scars on his skin that run like mine do


Full of a history

Of stories

The stuff of nightmares

With dark eyes that shine behind a transluscent mask

That breathe life and shine with an old soul

With a quirky smile that reveals everything to those listening


My broken angel

Hides in shadows



For some undeserving fragment of the world

A shard who hurts as she loves

To break his mask

To pierce his heart

To free the burned child still inside


My broken angel

Who loves with a heart that lives with demons

And still remains pure

He is my saving grace

My sanity

My clarity

His demons haunt me

His scars burn me

I hurt with him and yet I feel no pain

Only love

I see no demons

No scars

Only flawless imperfection


My broken angel

Is my gift

My treasure

His porcelain skin

His dark eyes

His face

His touch

His being


An Adonis of nightmares is my dream come true

He is mine


My broken angel

Has taken my heart as his own

And I do nothing but watch

Watch it beat and breathe with his

Watch the threads in his mind tighten

Holding on

Watch him put cracked wings back together

Just sit

And feel

And watch


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