God Gave Me You

I miss you now, but hold my tears

Knowing you're there through all my fears.

These days seem dark and filled with gloom,

Woven with trouble on a weaver's loom.


But through the clouds I see a ray,

It shines forth to brighten my day.

It sings a song of lasting hope,

Never to fade. Never, it won't.


In my mind I hear our children play

And by my side you'll always stay.

Greeting the dawn and each sunrise,

I'll wake up to your deep, brown eyes.


Those days will be filled with endless bliss

As you bless me with your loving kiss.

Never to part, through all our lives

With all these thoughts, my soul revives.


Love me well, and I'll love you.

Remember this, God gave me you.

So stick around, please don't go

So my deepest love, I can show.




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