Are we just now

Meeting for the first time

After all these years
When I have known

Every crinkle in your forehead

And heard every story

Enough times that I could tell it myself

Are we just now meeting?


Is this the first time

That I’ve held you

In these arms that know

The exact way to be

So that you’re comfortable

But they don’t grow numb

And these hands that could map you

In the dark without once getting tangled

In your hair-my love tell me

Could this be the first time that I’ve held you?


Because I swear my soul knows yours

Like it was migrating to you all along

And I swear our hearts

Have been talking through our shirts

For our whole lives

Babe, I swear this isn’t the first time

We’ve fallen in love


But if I’m mistaken and it’s the first, dear

I promise a second

And if it’s the last I promise

I won’t be reckless

Cause I swear our souls are old friends

And my hands and yours may

Have scars from regrets

But still somehow tonight

It’s feeling like the first time


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