Distance came crashing into my life, like a meteor decending into earths atmosphere, and I predicted catashtrophy from the moment I laid eyes on him. But we were star cross lovers, lost in the night sky. Young couples looked to us in moments of need reading our story in the stars, seeking comfort to mend their broken hearts. Grandparents took their kids out when the moon was ripe and the earth was still and whispered to them "see how she holds on to distance even though they are miles apart?" It was true, although we shared the same Milky Way, distance and I were on different ends of the solar system. You see I, I was the daughter of the sun. My love burned bright for distance, for days would come when blackness would swallow the sky and he wouldn't know which path to choose, and I would be there. To reassure him that even through the darkest of nights our love would light up the sky and he would find his way back to me.But distance, he was rather reckless with his love. He was a shooting star  a burning light of brilliancy and beauty. Now  I have had my fair share of wishing on stars, from Aaryan to the big dipper and even on the north star praying that the heavens would answer my prayers and send me a miracle. But nothing answered my prayers quite like distance, he was my miracle. He sat with me at night and shared in my secret prayers then painted pictures of sweet dreams over my bed until the nightmares had ceased and I could finally sleep again. He was everything I wished for late at night and everything I daydreamed about when the sun was out. He listened to all my wishes and heard all my secret prayers but the trouble with  distance is he was always leaving. He liked to hide in the shadows of my troubles, he sought comfort in the darkness of my fears, and if there was one thing I could always count on from distance it was just when I needed him the most I saw him shooting across my galaxy trailing my love for him behind. And like a dying star taking it's final breath I continued to burn as bright as I could using all of my energy to try to get distance to come home but no matter how bright I shined there were trillions of stars brighter than me and than I began to see the distance had burned me out.

We had realized too late that distance makes it hard to keep the fire going and instead of putting it out, we let it burn until the smoke had finally set in and we were suffocating on our love. You see it was just distance and I, distance and I and I don't know what's worse the fact that I loved the distance no matter how far I had to reach across the sky to make it work or the fact that distance was growing distant and no matter how many times I wished on the shooting stars, distance couldn't go back to where we use to be. He was gone, just as quickly as he came he left leaving our names etched into a faceless moon. And I could hear mama's voice "Baby I told you to be careful for what you wished for. Because even the hottest romances have the coldest endings. And your miracle was the distance. He taught you, that you can search for all the answers to your problems in the endless sky but at the end of the night they're still your problems. And don't you wait on a shooting star to come light up your world, instead baby be the light that shines so bright that even the blind can find their way home. Because you are a warrior of love, do not fall victim to the empty wishes the night wind whispers, instead hold your head up and count your blessings that you made it out of the battle field alive and I promise one day they'll write your story in the sky so when love struck girls like yourself fall victim to broken dreams they will look to the heavens and know they are not alone. And when love is ready for you and the stars align, no distance no matter how great could ever escape a love like that." 


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