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Little dreams of a girl

In her own little world.

All she wanted was a friend's sensation.

At the age of sixteen,

There were none, it would seem.          

So she dreamed of a bright admiration.


Little hopes from a boy

Who's own heart was a toy

To all those in his memorization.

He so dreamed of the girl

In her own little world,

But he knew he was not her equation.


But Fate had a set plan

For this lady and man

And then met them in it’s own formation.

And for once, it would seem

There was no need to dream

Of feeling a true friend's dedication.


From the force of a veil,          

There is more to this tale

Than merely a delightful relation.

The young man could not tell

Of the love that he felt

And he restrained, despite his temptation.


While the years flew them by,

For this tireless guy

The girl gave him his one inspiration.

But to his dearly friend

He was quiet again,

And kept his secret in hibernation.


He offered her a smile

And his help for the while

When her times were not in coordination.

He wished for her to find

A land far more divine

Than what he thought could be his donation.


When through Destiny's might

He visit her one night

In the eyes of her imagination.

Through his time she could feel

Security was real,

And she knew that he was her salvation.          


She awoke to the light

Of unswerving delight

From the shock of her un-expectation.

With the need for his hand

To delight and to stand

Among the dreams within their own nation.


With somebody to trust

The two journey what must

Be as their wondrous destination.

She lives on with her friend

In a fairytale land

Living the dreams of their own creation.


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