unlike the past that we both encountered, I could never just leave it where it is completely. I could never even be the same because you were what completed me.
and.. I could deny it all I want and drown my brain with other thoughts yet nina, you stay a float. you built your own boat when once upon a time, we were fighting waves together.
you told me once upon a time that you could see forever.. and I didn't doubt that vision ever. and just like love jones, we were in sync.
and you know what they say about falling for a poet, it's the highest level of love that you'll ever reach. because nina, you were like a toxic that I didn't mind to indulge.
you were my intoxication and I feel as though I could have even been yours but..
life happened, then change happened and..
the entire vision of forever was ceased and seen as never because it didn't happen.
and.. I think I've finally come to the realization that.. we could never be because we won't ever meet at the door that we were once brought to. the door of possibility, where the romance was exploited to the maximum capacity. 
and though I'll forever be loving you from a distance, it still doesn't satisfy me. and ms. nina, you should be familiar with my persistency.
because until the next time becomes the right time, all I will partake in is consistency.
and while I may come off urgent, having your love is all that matters to me.


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