The moment when she catches you staring,
She smiles so daring,

You think why did she smile,

She must be the chick from 8 mile,

Just don't run into her for a while,

Inside your head away,

Maybe she is playing a game,

You made me go insane,

I took the blame,

She Smiles,

And I think for a while,

Does she really think of me,

Will she really let me be,

I want to tell her I’m sorry,

Hopefully she’ll say don’t worry,

I know you like someone else,

But I don’t know how I dealt,

With my heart,

When were apart,

You write letters to him,

I’m a light in the dim,

I’m invisible to you,

Like who?

Are you,

I Like her,

She makes my vision a Blur,

I don’t care about what anyone says,

I only care about what you say,

But you don’t know that,

I bet you think I’m pure wack,

There’s something about you,

I care about you,

If only you could read this,

Them you wouldn’t miss,

The opportunity,

To be with me....



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