Summer Love

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:45 -- Traneah

His face.

A gentle face.

A kind face.

One that seemed to


                                             seep into your soul and sleep

It was a face you’d only experience once.

The kind that you could in look feel safe with.

The kind that you wouldn’t mind telling about the late night visits your dad makes to your room at night.

The kind that you wouldn’t mind telling about the daggers of hate your mother spews out of jealousy for

the youth you once had

That now rests in you.

The kind you could show the “connect the dots” cuts you’ve made because you know he wouldn’t judge.

A face that you don’t want to turn away from

so you find yourself counting his numerous amount of freckles

upon freckles

upon freckles.

And you know he doesn’t mind because he counting yours too.

A face that with only a look lets you know you’re all he wants.

That tells you this love is forever in the summer sun and carves it into a wooden table.

His face is one that you know you’ll never forget but one that you know you can’t have forever.

A face that is there for a season.

There for a moment to give your miserable life a vibrant glow.

To give you hope everything is ok for the moment.

But also a face that demands a good bye.

Because seasons don’t last

and summer isn’t forever.


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