The way you make me feel

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 23:49 -- Brikx

It's funny how you make me feel 

A kid at heart

A fool in love 

my head stuck in the clouds above


I like the way you make me feel

It's 2am 

I hear the phone ring 

get a smile when your names on my caller ID 


i can't describe the way you make me feel 

A touch of hand 

A big wide smile 

is all it'll take to get me to stay for a while 


i hope it won't go away, the way you make me feel 

the perfect mix 

fear, care, a slightest kiss 

An irresistible cyanide of bliss 


you'll never know the way you make me feel 

but I'll try everyday 

let you in on my songs 

you may have flaws, but they're the right wrongs


I hope one day 

you can't explain the way I make you feel 

that way we'll spend together

Stand alone forever 

Find our how this dream became so real 


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