The Rose


I open the door

To see him standing there

With a rose on the floor

And a note in his hand

He hands me the note

And I open it up

To read what he wrote

And I start to cry


It read "I love you"

In three simple words.

While thinking of what to do

He hands me the rose


I don't want to

Go through it again

And he can't undo

What he did


We stand there

For a few minutes

And I stare

At him as he waits


I hope I make

The right decision

And the path I take

Doesn't end for me


I walk outside

And he follows

We walk side by side

Like the old times


We start to talk

And it feels like before

As we walk

I figure out what t do


I didn't want to lie

So I told him the truth

That he was the best guy

I had ever met


I could never be mad

At him for forever

But he can make me sad

And not even know it


Once we were done

We said goodbye

And said that was fun

And I watch him leave


The I woke up to the sun

Wondering if it was just a dream

And if he could be the one

That I have waited for


Then I see the rose

Sitting on my nightstand

And I froze

As I picked it up


I hold it in my hand

Hoping it will last

And as I start to stand

I feel him inside me


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