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Parfois, oui parfois, c’est bon d’oublier C’est bon d’ignorer hier et le passé Pour aller vaillamment de l’avant Pour continuer vachement avec le vent.
NO MORE - By Debi Lyn September 12, 2022 @ 5:06 pm   This pain is new; it came from you
I suppose you will allow me to ask these questions. Do you honestly tolerate kidnappers? Do you honestly tolerate sex slavery? Do you honestly tolerate police brutality? Do you honestly tolerate thieves?
We want to hear the voices of honest and truthful persons. All the people who love babies say an emphatic yes. People who oppose power hungry politicians state your views.
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
Now It's Clear That Some Heads... Need To See That I GET IT... !!! That ARROGANCE And EGO Can DISCREDIT..... Your Claims To Be IMPRESSIVE... In Art That You're... Representing...
Just DO What YOU SAY Instead of Making Claims... That Prove You’re As Honest As A Perjurer’s NONSENSE... !!! ............... I’m Saying Just... STOP IT... !!!!! ALL This Knowledge You’re Dropping Like Gin In Tonic...
Now I Guess It’s Gonna Take A Little While... For Most of You Folks To Get With My Style... Because It DOESN’T Profile Artistry That’s VILE... !!! Mine Gives Up Platters of Subject Matter...
Limit THIS Limit THAT... !!! When We Should Now Really Just... LIMIT ALL OF THAT... !!! Because It’s Basically Chat That’s Distorting Our Track... Don’t Say What You Think If You Are... “ Gender Phobic “... !?!
In These Days And Times It Seems That Minds Are Inclined... To Plead IGNORANCE When It Comes To The Plans of These Government Clans... So Are Dipping Their Heads That’s Right... IN THE SAND... !!!
Well Now It’s Clear That I’m... “ Too Cold “... !!! To Be In Zones With These Industry Ho’s... !!! Yup Sisters And Bros And Those Who CONTROL Who Gets To Be KNOWN... !!!
It’s AMAZING To Me How People Be.... !!?!! When People Complain They Start To Act Strange... As If It’s ILLEGAL... To Complain About Strain And Societal PAIN... As If It’s NOT OKAY To Talk About The Way We Live Today... ?!?
I’m NOT Simple Like Simon... !!! I’m A Complex Disciple... of Great Rhyme Recitals... And SIMPLY GREAT WRITERS...
Some People Have Said That My Poetry Is On The EDGE... !!! Well I Have To Say That I DON'T Concur... !!!! My Usage of Words Is... " On The Virge "... !!! So Here's A Few To Give You Proof...
Now I’m A LYRICAL GUERRILLA Who’s A VERY DEEP THINKER... !!! So Am NOT Some SHITTER Like That Paedo’ Gary Glitter... !!! Or The Type Who Beds SISTERS Because What Kind of Heart...
It’s Clearly Good To Be Precise When It Comes To Your LIFE... So I Try Be PRECISE When I Write My Rhymes... About These Times Where It Seems That LIES... Are Constantly Supplied And Being Driven Into Minds... !!!
Well Wouldn’t You Know It I’m A BULLETPROOF Poet... !!! BULLETPROOF Flows That CLEARLY Show... That It’s Really NOT Wise To Try To Deride... My Poetic Lines And BULLETPROOF Rhymes... !!!!!
Now I Think That I Should Mention... That Tensions Have STRENGTHENED In These CRAZY Times... !!! Because of The PRESSURES of … Modern Life... !!! Masks Now In Sight Daytime And Night...?!?
It’s A BATTLE To Survive For MANY In Life... !!!!! From The Day We Arrive As Young Infant Child... To A Time LONG BEFORE............ Where Sperm Battle In HOARDS So That We Can Be Born... !!!
Ya Know CERTAIN Dudes Have Told Me... “ That I’m Rude ! “... Well Now If This Is TRUE My Response To You FOOLS...
So... CLARITY of Mind Is Now Getting HARD To Find ... Within Our Human Kind Because of These Strange Times... !?! Where We Are Losing Lives Because of Virus Vibes... !?!
Okay Whether Pagan or Not … ? April Fools’ Day Has A PERMANENT Slot … !!! The First of The Month Being …. “ That Date “ …. But When It Comes To … “ FOOLS “ … Nowadays I’m Saying … “ April Who “... ?!?
That’s RIGHT The Truth HURTS... !!! When It’s Served To JERKS Through Words And Verse.... That DON’T Observe LYING And Taking WRONG TURNS... !!!!! That Preserve FALSEHOODS That SHOULD BE......... Removed........ !!!!!!
Now It Has Been Said By Other Poets... That MY Poems OFFEND Some Heads... !!! Well That’s Because I EXPRESS What I TRULY FEEL... !!!! So Don’t Write Words For... MASS APPEAL... !!!!!
Ya Know It's HARD To... " Come Correct "... !!! WHEN Your Descent Is What Causes OFFENCE... To These IGNORANT Heads... !?! BIGOTED, YES As Well As ARROGANT... !!!
Now It Seems That Allegiance Within Human Beings... Is Something Now Weakened By Things We’re Now Seeing... From Relationships Leaning Towards Those Proceedings... That Cause Angry Meetings Due To Folks NOT Agreeing... !!!
"*THROUGH* _ALL THE_ *BULLSHITS*" *_whenever it feels so tiring, when it seems the world is smashing down after a cloudburst, of course even through all the bullshits._*
Now This Poetic Piece... Is One That Simply... Reveals My Belief... That We Need More Straight Speak In Today’s Artistry... !!! Of Course Variety’s A Part of Poetry...
Okay... LISTEN Baby... ... " Ya REALLY DON'T Get Me !!! " ...
Somethang make me unhappy😒 daddy who make babies and leave a young mother to be a pappy.
It’s DISTURBING To Me To See Communities... Who CLAIM To Be Supportive... of HONEST Poetry...
It’s Just So CRAZY... !!! That Just Before I Started Writing This Peace... I Was Playing A Tune That Gave Me PROOF... That These Words Are TRUE... !!! Some People CHOOSE...
So Today I Heard Rhymes... By The Man DEFARI That Just BLEW My Mind... !!! Because of The Vibe of His Rhyme Design... Because He Spoke About WHY...?!? In These Days And Times...
Now When It Comes To... “ My Life’s Story “...
It REALLY Is An AMAZING Thing... !!! To See How QUICK Some People SWITCH When PRESSURE Liks’... !!! And NOT The Type of Pressure That Brings... BAD Weather... !!!
 Foggy haze, cloudy days, rain drizzled from the sky. Todays a good day, no need to get caught up in the why’s.   I’m grateful for this day, yesterday, and I pray to see tomorrow.
I'm Interested In This Thing... " Writers' Block "... But Let Me Just STRESS This Thing I AIN'T Got... !!! I'm intrigued By This View If You're In Writers Shoes...
So I’m Now An EXPONENT of Rhymes That Are POTENT... !!! No Numbers or Quotient Can Limit Their Motion... !!! INFINITE Like The Ocean Or Big Swarms of Locust... !!!!
Ya Know I Have Been Told That My Voice RATTLES... !!! But Folks You KNOW... I AIN'T NO SNAKE... !!!! So I Think it's THOSE Who BATTLE... With Talk They... CANNOT TAKE... Who Make These Types of Comments...
You’re my lover and friend, You’re someone in whom I can trust and confide. . You’re honey and spice, And you’re all the nice things that I like. .
This Poem RELEASES......................... Some TRUE Self ADMISSIONS... !!!
One Day A Friend Said To Me.... “ Your Thoughts Big V, are deep and ample, but to get them through to people, you should try a different angle ! “ By This She Meant My Presence Is LARGE And My Words Hit HARD... !!!
So... Moving On …………….. It’s Time To Go Beyond Corona Virus Songs... Because Now I’m Inspired... By Where I Belong In This World of Wrongs...
PLEASE .... FORGIVE Me If I Curse To Quench My Thirst ... To Poetically Let My Speech Run FREE ..............................
CAN'T Black People Just Get ALONG ... !?! Well My Answer To This Is ... I Guess NOT ... !!! DON'T Get Me WRONG ... !!!!! Of Course SOME Do But NOT For Long ... !!!
LADIES If Men Ask You THIS ... "Would you like to go out, for a couple of drinks ?" DON'T Reply ...." I've got a boyfriend " ... !?! That's NOT An Answer To The Question ... !!!
Feet ached as i hiked swollen eyes, tired mind carrying in a metal tin my words i swam through a river of my own agony gasping for relief  like a fish for water crawled up a river bank
Just Be YOURSELF ... !!! What's Wrong With THAT ... ?!? I'd Rather Be ME Than Someone Else ... !?! FOLLOWING Cliques Is NOT For ME ... !!!
Be True My Youth Be True ... Be TRUE ... !!!!! Don't Do The Things That Make You ... " Blue " ... !!! DON'T Lie To Yourself Because Those Who DO ... End Up Having ... PAINFUL Moods ... !!!!!
So ... " Who Do You Believe " ... ??? MP's And Their War Stories .... ??? Cos' When It Comes To Speaking TRUTH .... Their Talks Seems ... " Pretty Cheap " ...
People PLEASE ... !!! Just Be ... STRAIGHT UP ... !!!!! Honesty's Easy ... It Really A'int Tough ... !!! If You're Gay ... BE Gay ... DON'T Try To Play Games ...
So WHO Do You ... " Trust " ... ??? And Who Are Your Mates ... ??? Cos' People These Days ... MOSTLY Are Two Faced ... !!! They Talk With You ... Like Everything's COOL ...
I've Been TRULY SURPRISED ... !!! In Fact ... " MESMERISED " ....... !!!! By The Volume of People ... Who ... Tell Themselves Lies ... !!! These Acts I Believe ... Give Liars ... " Relief " ...
Honesty! It’s all a lie, it’s all a lie, it’s all me.  Mandy, it’s me. I looked in the mirror.  I could finally see— past, present, future, as clear as can be.  Me.   
This is not a poem about how I lost my mother Or a poem about how I broke a girl's heart Or about the time I heard my first poem. This is a poem about what I know better than anyone else And that is myself.
I've come to fear the hours of 7 to 9, as they bring with them gray and mournful moments. They bring longing and foggy loneliness from outside, most days.  
You wake up angry and leave me Hangin Sayin "I love you" to your back,   Wishin I could retreat Back to bed Into myself.   You don't mean it you're just angry At yourself
With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night.   There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,
Don't Speak by Rebecca Olsen Looking around me I see disarray And drama tea. Don’t speak Put on your phony mask; you make me laugh. Don’t speak, hold your breath.  
I’m expecting you to respond to me. Did you just feel what I wrote down? When I saw your lines I recognized them for what they were: A lock
I feel- words- sometimes, they're not my own.   Sometimes, I suck on other people's sadness like a great happy leech bent on feeling- things- he didn't need to feel.
It cast a line that became more like a path, whether words of pain or wrath could become Beautiful Monsters of sights unseen but in the mind of one.
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
Pain doesn't have to be the universal crash-course workshop for art, but poetry is a thing like no other. It flows from fingertips and mouth, easy like Monday morning. Teeth grit to hold tongue and thought and sentiment.
Mon cher, my dear, the one I hold The one whose love is always shown But my arms are weak and yours are strong And more often than not, I am wrong So it goes the other way And often like that it will stay
Subtract from these 20 years,Those that I swallowed without tasting-Anesthetize the clocks,Sprinkle Father Time with amnesia,Whisper the year 2011,I am 13 again-
I know truth to be little else than a blade  which use changes with the wielder.  Molded to a scalpel, it is made as a doctor bringing relief from tender, hidden pain.  Truth can be a saw, gnawing through
So why'd you do it? What made you think it was okay to blow it? We spent so long patching up the things that didn't belong And now it turns out that it was you all along I spent so long trying to make things right 
I had all of you, Most of you. Loving you, Close to you.   You meant the most to me
He says: “You’re beautiful” And I smile. He lies to me over and over again, But I don’t mind anymore. He’s the only person I know Who lies just to make me smile.   He kisses my neck,
The truth is, my darling, that time has passed and we have grown. And yes, I do love you. And yes, that has everything to do with this poem. Loving you has everything to do with who we’ve turned into, and who we’ve grown to become.
I need you to tell me where I went wrong I’ve spent too many nights, afraid of something I do not know Terrified, that I might make the same mistake But it’s a hundred times more powerful than you think
Ode to You:  
The truth is, I can read everything you've gone through on your skinThe lovely poetry that resides within you spillsIt spills in the form of scars, strechmarks, bruisesIt is overbearing, and it is all of you
The truth is, my darling, that no, I don’t love you. And no, I don’t really hate you either. You were simply the missing piece. The missing piece amongst a junkyard so wide I confused for holy ground.
Hello, I’m—different.   I was in first grade when I knew I was different. Ironically, I knew I was different because all I did was hang out with girls.
  I never once explained to you how I became the person I am today Dad, I'm sorry I broke all of the rules I made up when I was younger
i feel like i'm chasing us navigating our warm embraces i'm tracing the lines on your palms back to where we started i miss you more than the pain of being with you this hurts more than i thought it would
who would really score if i pulled the base out from under your sore feet?
I drank him in like the fifth bottle of beer. Swallowing the toxic liquid, I relived the fear. It is one o’clock in the morning, I received a text saying, “Baby, I’m home from work. Show me your body. I love you.”
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
Because I love you…   I love you These are three words and one feeling That we agree on enthusiastically
It's the way we hold hands In the face of adversity. When you tell me your Not satisfied. When you remember my mothers birthday.
What good is it to first love you When love was never dealt? Why should I seek to put you first If the same has not been felt?   But who am I to make that call, And desire to receive,
The day before yesterday You said you were with friends. The day before yesterday I belived you.   Yesterday You said I was beautiful. Yesterday I apprecitated your honesty.  
Love. Contains compassion, Shows you care. In times of need, You’ll be there.   It needs to have trust, To be relied on.
I've never been good at poetry, or I suppose writing in general. I have been called a "wordsmtih" before, and friends reassure me that its a compliment. Not sure if I deserve it, but compliments can be fun I suppose.
Because I love you... I see no flaws. I see perfection. A true gift made from heaven. The way you smile, how the corners of your lips begin to wrinkle.
I know I am not perfect  I know I have problems I am really trying to solve them.  But hold up wait...  Should I have to?  What about you?
Dipping my fingers into your affection, It tastes like sweetened condensed milk - The way you hold me when I'm trapped in the dark, Your company such a welcome confection.  
I missed your call earlier, and it was okay. You didn't repeatively call, to "make sure I was OK" I was busy doing homework, and you caught me off guard with "I understand"
Our first kiss felt like a supernova, explosive and iridescent, scattering my universe with cosmic dust.
When I used to sleep at nightMy mind would always take flightIn the morning I'd wake up and you'd just take flight I can't stand to in my sightYea ain't nothin rightAbout you and me Us and theyHe and she ain't shit  All I want to do is loveWhy can
I waited, for a response from you, a mere whisper perhaps.   To a torn heart thrown at you, carved with my surrender.   A plea for my liberation, saying " I won't longer wait for you".
I left my heart wedged between your door, sealed, shut, in fear and a cheap envelope.   With an even cheaper excuse.
Her: Felt like I couldn't breathe when I saw you for the hundredth time, told myself I'd be just fine when we connected eyes in class a while past nine Excited to be heartbroken once again, hated knowing it could only be provoked by her or him, wh
Paint a picture Paint a picture perfect Make sure all these hours are worth it Don’t cure it Exploit what has been given
If I see you and you don't see me I will go DARLING And you will know I am calling to you
Chiseled by high school seniority, A separation, a lost child.  The flood in my eyes dried in my Sahara heart.  Missing her is like cancelled plans, that I see the pictures of everywhere I look.   
Every time I want to say that I love someone I swallow the words like a pill, not because that person is not deserving, or because my words would not be genuine, but rather that I have loved many and proclaimed many that I love them, just to have
1. It seems like you have to do drugs to write nowadays. Maybe if I do drugs, I'll write a book as popular As The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Or Naked Lunch.   2.
“You and She are Her”   She’s got her feet on the ground, but hear heads in the sky Her heart so dope, and her soul is so fly
I find it quite difficult Impossible even To mask how I'm feeling. It leaks out from my expression Flowing out from the cracks in my facade. No matter how I try, I can't help but make it clear
I have this feeling deep inside, not quite like or appreciate. I open my mouth to call it love, but then I pause, I hesitate.   I test the words: "I love you!" They echo, cold, empty.
I sat myself down and Talked around The points Like usual.   Suddenly I burst from My seat and I  Collapsed in a heap As the inferno of complexity  
I'm not a real poet. I 'm just a broke college student, Looking for an easy way to get out of debt.   I'm not a real poet. I just want to avoid taking out loans,
Good morning, they say And I'll say it back But I still desire unconsciousness Not because I need the rest Although I do   But I stay on my feet anyway Aware of my struggle to
  I am sitting in this house, as alone as I could possibly be at the moment. Trying, no, scraping my brain to think of what could possibly be my number one need.                                                                    
You tell me I'm complicatedBut you're the one to make it soLook at what you see up frontThat's all you need to know
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
My confidence swells as I realize, I am better than ever to those amber, brown eyes. They widen as I draw near, Everything but inferior, In her presence I feel
If I continue in wickedness, I’ll blow away: ChaffWhat a gaff am I might as well stop and laugh and realizeAll I need is your rod and staff to comfort me.But don’t let me fall into complacency.
     Why do we exist      in riddles                          floating                      around      like space      people             defying the gravity
We have mislead opinions of ambition and incorrect assumptions of it's fastidiousness which are deposited into misspelled texts and sent to those who seek pleasure in the business of life  
heart sinks. ears hot. eyes wander. and hands fiddle. Don't think or else it becomes real. Hold back. "What do you have to say for yourself?" no response. your actions are real,
When people ask me who I am, I stutter, because for some reason, the language of myself is foreign to me. We could call it a result of bullying, mental illness, or plain teenage mystery.
How could he? This man who promised her everything, said he loved her, made a vow. This man who was protected by her, shielded from horrors that he couldn’t handle on his own.
Who am I? Well that's a loaded question that quite frankly begs a strict confession. I don't know and who does, I mean isn't that a journey that ends when you ascend up above?
Truth sat his hand upon my shoulder. Thick pads held firm across strong hands, muscles that would make a body builder sigh. 
A life without a reason Is like a songbird without sound And unless I am told plainly How surely I’ll run aground   The sun never rises Seasons never change or go around
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound
Mother tells me she loves me But I think she loves my sister the most. It’s pretty obvious, from the way
Can't youcan't you seeI got a dreamjust to beme, myself, and ICan't youcan't you knowI am alivelivingto get by
   We first met our second year of high school.
I'm losing it for the last time
I went to school, I did my work.I tried and I learned everything I was supposed to.Now, here I am, in the real world.I'll be the first to tell you, I have no idea what to do.
You say you want to date me, but I think you might hate me And when you hear what I speak, I think you might just agree I'll give you 3 reasons, just listen, you'll see
There is nobody and I mean nobody that I feel it's necessary to impress   I cant help if my honesty gives you a slight vex I had to grow out of my past depression  
Our clan is crumbling behind closed doors sealed with pride and locked by sorrow, seen by all yet known by none.   The walls are glass but windows opaque reflect suspicion
You're not like the others. You actually listen to me. From the minute I had met you, i'll admit, I was unsure where you would lead. Depression? Succession? How can this situation go?
"Be honest," they said, so honest I was. Honest as nobody ever was. Blunt as the barrier between water and oil, I told them the truth without recoil.   The truth of our cohorts, sad but true
Fearing the Future
  I am Unfinished. My edges aren't sanded smooth There are creases and circles worn into my eyes, There are scars and callouses on my hands There are stripes of uneven bronze across my skin
Another long day Pretending to be
Your determination and commitment is your life, How far are you willing to go, willing to fight? Commit to your husband or wife, stand by their side for life, Commit to school and follow the rules,
My forehead is a little too tall My nose is a little too there My face is round and my hair just does this thing   I don't really care that insert celebrity name here is dating
I am the daughter of a mother who has an uncurable diease no life long numbing agent that could soothe and heal it. It left a faded scar as a badge of honor.... It's. No. Breeze.
no mouth can cry out in praise
You wake up today Ready to fade away.
You Are You feel lost
What really makes a man a man? Is it the guy who can make a dream a reality? The brother that can make a fantasy his destiny? Or the gentleman who attends meetings dressed fancily.
I'm lazy. I'm 19 years old and I have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, write, but I'm lazy. I noticed I only come alive when performing or at parties and it's starting to bother me.
I still have a few kinks to work.Yeah, kinks....You knowThose tiny things about us that just don't seem to be rightThere's my hair, my skinAnd don't get me started on my body type
  To be respected, I must be trustworthy, To be trustworthy, I must be honest, To be honest, I must know who I am. I am a child of God, the God of truth, The God of light who sees.
A daughter needs her dad so he can teach her his morals and life lessons, she needs him to teach her how to be strong, and a daughter needs him to help pick up the pieces when times get rough and he is gone.
I was a liar as a kid. Not big lies, just the " Yes I cleaned my room" even though I actually just pushed every thing under my bed.  I used to get in big trouble for little lies. My momma would be so mad at me. 
Who am I?  
All around me are vacant faces  Their dull hearts cold like empty vases My soul is choking on these fake smiles. Forced to slide on my belly for miles Just to find a place of true color, 
Hiding there around the corner  Is the inner me I'm hard to catch a glimpse of  Till you really look and see    I can be whatever you want  As long as you are pleased
"It was a father to a son,  and that son to his son, that set the tone for a future which had not begun.   With freedom like a river that had sadly ran dry, His unsettled upbringing
I've reached the point where I just want to sleep Let me hear a melody and just close my eyes and sleep.
I cover the built up emotion
I am woman. You are man. Though I am not Eve nor are you Adam. The deceit lies on the tip of a tongue's vacant truth,
Does anyone remember when they were little, And they loved to play pretend? Yeah...me neither. But it seems that, As we grow older, Learn the twists and cavities Boroughed into our bodies
This smile that lies on this face, to some may be a saving grace Hope and joy wrapped up in a bundle, or the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel
Each day I awake and am shortly greeted with my own reflection;
Honesty's the rarest rebel root A precious pearl in dark long harboring Whose maker groans and lifts to bring to fruit From murky waters cull hours laboring. 
I thought we were sisters and That we could be completely Honest with one another especially Over a guy.   I thought I made it clear That I still had feelings for him.
I beg of you, pen, just tell me the truth In some beauty that yanks at my tears When I taste your strength I learn that my Potential outlives my years
People tell you to speak your mind, but not to be rude. They do not want to hear lies, but say they want the truth. Honesty comes off as being rude, the truth comes off as being too blunt.
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
I write to remind myself that the sun always comes after the night.   My soul bears the teeth-marks of Guilt and Shame. And in sleepless nights wonders how I got the name
My name is Mariama Suwaneh. I was born on April 5, I’m eighteen years old, I am 5’3.75” but I tell everyone I am 5’4”. I am terrible at soccer, I love the Spanish language, I don’t really like chocolate,
Honesty is a lonesome place When you’re lying on the ground And you find yourself
It was quite..just for a second, forgot about everything that was surrounding me,I felt myself struggling to move my feet because I was so weak at the knees.I could still hear the echoing of her voice..her beautiful voice,I could still feel her w
The pain in the pit of my stomach made me die a little more inside I don’t deserve to be treated like this is what I’ve began to realize Too many chances turning into lies as I give them away
The follow
I never knew
I have faith in a God       But He has never spoken to me   I have held on to the idea of love       But love has never kept me and no one has ever aimlessly loved Alyra,  
I'm sorry you had to come in the world this way
"Nadia, here is some cash for you to go back to school with...I love you, do great... make me proud, you can do whatever you want in life". "Hey Nad, I love you, happy birthday".
People just don't understand what we go through everday. Sitting here, sitting there trying to make straight A's. Looking at other people making thier grades, then we become afraid,
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
I know not how others Compose words so fair; For my pathetic efforts Can not compare. Those of the past ages Made great works of art; While I throw words together That I should part.
With masked heart and soul I burned all that I loved Truth will set you free
I AM ME   I am intellect combined with stupidity, Kindness and compassion fractured by pain and misery, Wrapped in anger and jealousy…
Skin is the name for the outer shell that wraps you body so well
Grin for me, darling; Bare all your teeth.
nervous and edgy you look at her
I once heard the saying “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked t
Honesty is all I would change maybe if we all could be genuine love would not be in vain if I could change the roles of honesty maybe a liar would feel the victims pain He lied to me that's why I feel this way
Given this simple question one would answer, "Logan square of course."   Look a little deeper and you might answer, "well he lives in Logan square, but really he's much closer to Humboldt park."  
Why are you so intimidated? Why did you hide? Is the truth really that painful? Did it stab you in the side?   You asked me a question, I answered it in whole. You said you wanted honesty, 
The day turns gray as you turn away, and think you're not loved.   Baby, trust me when I sing this song to you, you're special.   Nearly the apple of my eye,
  Easy come, easy go
    Do you know what it's like to want the simplist things, but your budget just doesnt simply call for it?
We all don’t understand,Our opinions aren’t in demand,Our souls are like flowers,They can topple over like towers,They bloom, then fade away,They go to heavan or hell to stay,Flowers have no powers,
Let me go, Hard past memories. I don't need To be reminded Of how much You still hurt me. I need to be Released. I refuse to accept, That this is Just how it is.
You're convincing, but it comforts me to know that you're not always right. Feelings and opinions aren't factual.  They're important, but they aren't facts. And you're wrong sometimes. We're human.
I wish I knew how to communicate That I want to go slow, But instead I’m walking home Alone. We can’t talk without it feeling awkward. Well, to me it is. I know we’ve talked about it,
Sailing in the waters of which You wept, You sees a Light in the distant of the cove, a Light that Reality would refer to as a dead end.   The Light fades, then flares, fades,
I frown... you smile, I cry... you laugh This is getting old it needs to stop Why does my pain provide you with the happiness that I deserve? When you're down, I put myself in your shoes
These adversities take their toll From the pieces of my broken soul Each pain takes a little more Leaving my dependent heart sore   I question how this plan was lain Why I always end up slain
Butterflies In the night Drift away without a fight Lose myself Lost in you Wondering why, But such a pretty view No more sadness No more pain Watch that blood,
Teachers don’t get paid enough This is true. But define the word, teacher. Use it in a sentence. Spell it.  T.E.A.C.H.E.R. When you’ve taught a child to do all those things efficiently with confidence,
My goofy smile  I'm still the same  My good humor  I'm still the same  My laughs full of energy  I'm still the same No different then you  treat me like  I'm still the same 
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.....ElectronicaCloudy days bring me back to who I was. Thinking about myself, cuz no one does. Im a lone warrior walking silently in the midst. Trying my best to live without a balled fist. 
Lost one. Engaged in constant battle with me. Working hard to practice the preach. Lost one. To do good or destruct?Constrained time in a system corrupt. Lost one. 
Pages full of fancy vocab would not impress him. Rather a sum of powerful messages, could be thick or thin,as long as the message is real. It is said, that is where we parted ways. 
I am embarking on a journey. It requires my wit. It scares me to quit.A process of learning.  Big person I shall be,in the face of change. Only forward remains.Slow and steady like tea. 
Hello midnight travel.It has been quite a while.I'll use this time to think and unravel. Regain my freedom mile after mile. Leave me here to explore alone. How good it feels to be away from home. 
I will never look at you the same ever again. What you did to me, I will never understand. How dare you ever tell me you adore me! When now all you ever do is ignore me. I don’t understand how I could change your mind.
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
Honesty Is not a virtue that will get you anywhere Deception Now, that is the truth for which I care A man born mortal is a man who lies
Trying to find the words  To say but you being yourself wouldn't understand it's a bittersweet quality. Moistened lips so pink and full my heart wants to tell you but my brain and foolish ego won't.
I praise God for the freedom I have in His Son, The Alpha, the Omega, The Redeeming One Who has made me as free as can be!   From the abuse of my sin I have been reclaimed
Broken and drained, I’m vacant inside.The hurt I couldn’t handle overflowed to a knife
Based off of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost   Day’s first rise is bright Her bleakest tinge to light Her early beams aglow True beauty showing so slow Then magic disappears
  Page with honest face Mirror for the soul To write down what cannot be said; Mere feelings will not hold   Canvas with still grace Reflection for the eyes
Poems:  Expression and Lyrical.  Beautifully Hopeful.  Honesty and New.  A way to be true.  Writing is my way to vent.  In my own little tent.  My way to be real. 
Lies! That's all I tell. Maybe, I'll rot in hell.   Playing with your feelings Making you fall deeper in love With me.   If I just rolled over and died I know you'd cry
  I saw him standing there All cool and suave. For what seemed like an hour a glance we’d share. And there he was.   He was an artist with hands big and strong.
  Where will I be  When He comes for me? In a park, in a pool, In my bed, in my school?   When He's here, Will I have fear? What will I say, "Hi, how are You today?"  
I twist my lips until all the truth comes out, But you grab my words and dump it all in the trash. You shake me up until your truth comes out, But they never fall because they are all lies.
Forgive me Forgive me for loving you too much Forgive me for not being strong enough For not being able to bear the pain of that love For not having the will to walk away
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
We together make Us, We, Us you and me. We fight We argue We disagree We, you and me. We laugh We smile We joke We, you and me.
We are not only friends But not simply coworkers. We volunteer our time To work as a team In sync with harmony Sometimes with lurch and tramp That does not represent The good side of us.
I don't like it, I don't like it at all, I'm expected but not allowed, Yelled at but not expected, Kicked out but still accepted, Not accepted but still rejected, Cared for but still rejected,
Some people fear clowns and heights. I fear cancellations and strip-mining.
if i could breathe the right words let them slip from my lips i would take my time to let you see my world... from glass eyes. if i could speak the right words hold them in my hands
Soar Black bird, soar on. Don’t let the evil of this earth Contaminate your beauty, Your freedom. Don’t get caught up in this worldliness, Instead cleanse the sky and wind, With your gift of wings,
I walk along the quiet beach, Soft, white sand beneath my toes. My mind is empty, void of thought Except of seashells on the ground.
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