Can't you Heal my Honesty

Wed, 07/22/2015 - 12:07 -- Valseer

Can't you
can't you see
I got a dream
just to be
me, myself, and I

Can't you
can't you know
I am alive
to get by

Can't you
can't you feel
I am made of flesh
I am realized
don't you know

Can't you
can't you tell
I'm only human
I have a breaking point

but did you know
that when others break
I bend
when others fall
I rise
when others lie
I decieve myself

I've finally opened my eyes
I have decieved and now I realized
as I bluntly proclaim my honesty
becuase I'm alive

I'm honesty
it's a occupation
I much rather not explore
it hurts just too much
to hear your voice
as you weap the day away

the guilt is plaguing me and it's hurting my mind
knowing what I did in hindsight
I've spread this blight
as I'm left facing my inner plight
everyones taken flight

so woah is I
I've lost the fight
I'm slowly losing sight
yet why do I see the light
it's so bright
it's just too bright
as I sleep through the endless night

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