No More

NO MORE - By Debi Lyn

September 12, 2022 @ 5:06 pm


This pain is new;

it came from you

- from all you did

and didn't do.

Why’d I believe

that you'd be true?


You made me believe

you wanted me;

but then the torment

haunted me,

and you got what you wanted



No more me with him;

no more me with you.

No more friendship;

no more love.

Just painful memories

for me to think of.


I don't know why

- like so many MEN,

you chose to lie.

For a number of weeks,

I thought I would die.


But here I am

with wounded heart.

Twas broken and bleeding

and falling apart;

& now, without you,

I must restart.



Debi Lyn

And just fyi, I'm NOT bashing men! The reference is to those men who DID lie; which was unfortunately lots of them, but it is not intended to be a blanket statement against all men - so please, don't go there. Thank you.


I like the cadence and the ending makes you think. I just joined and submitted a poem called "The Meeting".

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