Before and After

If I continue in wickedness, I’ll blow away: Chaff
What a gaff am I might as well stop and laugh and realize
All I need is your rod and staff to comfort me.
But don’t let me fall into complacency.
Just let me stop into a lower seat and teach me
There’s nothing wrong with feeling beat,
Red is what I’m worth, and I don’t know which is worse:
Letting go of dreams or down my family’s hopes since my birth,
That I would get an education and become successful.
I’m sorry dad, but talking about money is stressful.
I already got a desk full of wasted time and wasted space.
You can’t expect much when I say “I’m fine” without a face.
Case by case, I find it’s Jesus I need to chase.
You can find him in any place.
Your heart just needs open gates.
Our lives have nothing to do with fate or karma or luck.
So, don’t roll the die.
It’ll save you a buck.
This is all about amazing grace, and I’m screaming for it now.
I need to change tradition. I just don’t know how.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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