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Easy come, easy go

Rhymes too hard

But got that easy flow

Vast candlelight

My city's got that glow

Dense in intellect

Uneducated but we know

Never turned a page

If not for one in my life

Gonna make it some way

Won't be a desperate housewife

Sittin' at the house thinking

Where's home for me?

If home is where your heart is

I'd better turn off the TV

And find home before it's too late

He stole my heart before the first date

Married to success and a whole bunch of zeros

But we'll never be home

That first love will always be my hero ....


Come and take me with you,

Take me, take me home now

You don't have to love me

Just let me be

Your presence is enough,

To set me free

So much emotion and not a notion,

As to what inspires it,

But I admire it

Desire it ...

Just come now: I'm tired of wandering,

Pondering, what I already have figured out

Home is wherever you are

I'll get there by whatever route.



(written 11/04/10)



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