You tell me I'm complicated
But you're the one to make it so
Look at what you see up front
That's all you need to know

There is no pretense
No hidden meaning in my words
I don't have an agenda
I read the same forward and backwards

Palindrome, palindrome
Same from all sides
You say you can't decipher
The truth from the lies

Please don't accuse me
Of trying to trick you
I told you up front
You already knew

My many moods and faces
Are really all one and the same
I'll tell you how I'm feeling
And I'll do it with out shame

Palindrome, palindrome
Reads the same in any light
I am what I am
And I don't need to hide

You look ever closer
Trying to find me within
The colors and shapes
That were there to begin with

Come at me again
From whatever angle you like
The image won't change
No matter how hard you try

Palindrome, palindrome
I mirror myself
But I only reflect
What I've always felt

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