I Wish I Knew How To Communicate That I Want To Go Slow


I wish I knew how to communicate

That I want to go slow,

But instead I’m walking home


We can’t talk without it feeling awkward.

Well, to me it is.

I know we’ve talked about it,

And you listened,

But how do I say,

Face to face,

That the tickle wars aren’t as fun

As they used to be?

At first it was like old times—

I scared you,

You jumped,

Poke wars ensued,

It was fun.—

But in the back of my mind,

I don’t know how long this can last

With us just being friends,

And I don’t want a relationship,

But I don’t want to lose you either.

I’m sorry you fell for me.

I’m sorry you chose a girl

Who doesn’t love you back.

Can I still be your friend?

Because I don’t have that many,

And I trust you with my life,

More than anyone else I’ve met.

But if this goes too far,

And I have to say “goodbye,”

Then please don’t hate me,

And don’t hate yourself.

I know being just friends is hard—

I’ve been there—

But let’s make this work.

Either way,

Thank you for telling me.

You’re much braver than I was.


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