Amber Brown Eyes

My confidence swells as I realize,

I am better than ever to those amber, brown eyes.

They widen as I draw near,

Everything but inferior,

In her presence I feel

Luckier, than ever to know this human being.

I look down at my ring and my heart sings.

A joyous elation fills me as I realize those amber, brown eyes

Are mine.

And I am hers and though the world might hurt and things aren’t for sure,

I have a friend.

Someone to depend on,

To lend a helping hand from,

It feels like we share lungs

because every breathe I take,

I get closer to what makes me happy and for her sake,

Every step I decide to make must be careful,

As to not cause heart ache,

To those amber, brown eyes

I cannot tell a lie.

For she holds the truth as to who I really am,

not how I appear, I am made sheer,

Not tough as nails but gentler than a lamb.

My heart is soft and she acknowledges it,

As no one else can.

For those amber, brown eyes,

I have cried.

Going through everything together was just a test,

To understand what time could do to the rest,

Of our lives.

To confess dark secrets was nothing to the feeling


Finally finding someone to love, to care,

I cannot live without those amber brown eyes,

And defy my heart.

They know how I feel inside,

My deepest desires,

My biggest support,

And to any other person or thing,

she could never fall short.



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My family
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