My Life's Questions Unanswered


    Do you know what it's like to want the simplist things, but your budget just doesnt simply call for it? Or want to go somewhere, near or far, but it does'nt matter anymore because you dont have car? These problems and others like them don't affect most people, but they affect ME and others can relate. This one's for US...Everyday I go to school and im surrounded by boys & girls who have/get everything they want but don't deserve half of it! Meanwhile I don't even have a fraction of that and I do nothing wrong! No, seriously! Nothing! I go to school EVERYDAY, get OUTSTANDING grades, and NEVER get in trouble! Granted my life isn't perfect and neither am I, but to have to face everyone with a smile on my face as if nothings wrong is eating me alive inside everyday, little by little.....Everytime someone or something gets me down I always ask, "Why me? What did me OR family ever do to deserve this?!?!" On the contrary, people are dealing with way worse conditions in the world, but atleast they don't have to FAKE their situation! Whether you've realised it or not, this isn't me sounding pittiful, this is me being real and venting about the confusion in my life. Atleast if this problem was fixed I could focus on, oh I don't know, my lack of love life or true friends! But for now im simply struggling to find a reason everyday to perservere on to the next day of my exasperating life. Like the great Jesus Christ himself said, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me." 


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