And There He Was


I saw him standing there

All cool and suave.

For what seemed like an hour a glance we’d share.

And there he was.


He was an artist with hands big and strong.

A mother who ran away was the cause

Of his long and tragic song.

And there he was.


Tormented and tortured by his past.

His friends, his teachers, his ‘cuz.

But I saw his heart’s cast.

And there he was.


I could see he was hurt 

By everyone, all of us.

And his tears stained his shirt.

And there he was.


I saw him standing there.

All alone, quiet as dawn.

But I couldn't manage the strength to go to him. 

And he was gone.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sad poem

sad to hear about a person who was gone before his time

very insightful and reflective

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