nervous and edgy you look at her

The blue in her eyes

A secret Atlantis

The soothe in her tone

An angelic melody


across the class, you stare at her

The cross of her legs

The swing of her foot

bashfully and stealthily you glance at her

The curve of her lips

like two rolling hills


you sit and wait

wait and wait


by and by she turns and sees you

thorns and daggers pierce your chest

nervous and edgy you look away


anxious and frozen you sit and daydream


your hand stroking her lingering nut-colored hair

a gust of wind ondulating a field of wheat

your hand cups her chin

you approach her smile

her exhaling brushes your skin

numbs your skin


The wind gusts to the east

her hair falls like a veil on her face

a translucent wall

or maybe a welcoming gate


nevertheless your hand nestles her neck

you feel her carotid pulse

ticking and throbbing

A living clock


ready to share lips, your noses touch

the colliding of mountains

her lips pucker ready and near you

almost feel you

inches and pinches away

closer and closer



But you sit there, brooding in a monk’s silence.

Her eyes look up at you from her papers and stare at you.

A sweet stare

Eyes expectant, like a hopeful bird, craving to speak


The cold, void space steals your voice.
The class ends and like midnight fog all rise.

Calmly, she stands up, fixing her autumn yellow skirt.

And for one last choking moment she looks your way.


Panicked you look away,

knowing you’ll always be that kid who stares but never dares,

who will remain a speechless “creep.”

Nothing more than a side conversation.

Her, an eternal crush.


As she walks away, you think of the guy,

the cool, hip guy you have seen her talking to. Always smiling.

A sort of jealousy settles in as you now see them talk.

Her wavy smile

An unreachable star


Tomorrow, maybe you’ll see them holding hands,

and maybe then it’ll be clear.

But today, like a gazelle’s shadow she moves,

lurking and seizing your memories,

back to the one where you first saw her,

beautiful in that scarlet red dress.


and you walk the deceiving Dreamer’s road,

drifting astray,

a dull ship lost in thunders and seiches

an empty vessel,

envisaging of the day when her breath becomes yours.



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