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I wake in rooms you're dreaming in.I wonder what you seeinside the sleep you're gleaming inand underneath the sea,and deep in The Sahara,and in the pit of me. I speak in rooms you're silent in.
I vow to be your cloak and armor, your hidden daggar protect your heart what matters,  to watch it shatter the latter my thoughts scatter, recollecting the moments, my opponents 
"I am lost inside a thought, wandering nowhere,  Suffering being broken apart.Waiting, wishing these days gone by,  I am standing at the edge of time.  As the waves come crashing in.  is your reasons enough?
The flower I picked for you today  as you were on my mind, thinking  of all the things you did, and all  the things you’d say it took me  back in time...
I find my motivation in meKnowing that I could be better pushes meAnd knowing that everyone else is tryna beSomething they can't, like a Salvador Dali memoryMy persistence is on another level
People Are Funny ... !?! They Now Make Me Laugh ... You Talk ... They Don't Listen ... ?!? MP's Keep ... "Restricting" ... IGNORANCE In People .... Has Now Become SICKENING ... !!!
Why Am I Here ... ? Well THAT's A BIG QUESTION ... !!! I'm NOT A Schoolteacher ... You're NOT IN A Lesson ... !!!
Do You Ever Feel ... Like You're ... ALONE ... To Think The Things ... You Do At Home ... ??? Cos' When Your Mind ... Begins To ... ROAM .......................
You're such a vibe that's why they're riding your wave Just like the Ocean Flows, Now you got em feelin Carl Thomas They're so emotional, you can be my Summer Rain And I can be your umbrella you are the real MVP 
I feel beautiful todayI should take a selfieas soon as I get board the next vehicleit's not everyday that I get to feel thisno matter how many peoplesay it to meshe thought to herself  
I pray you see me.  I pray you see me as I see you.  Like the rays of the sun shining on the Earth.  Your light is the epitome of life.  Your light is a smile, a laugh; a true gift upon this land. 
Going for what you thought was perfect then regret what was left behind because you thought it was not worth it. Stuck in the middle and no turning back feeling lost, all actions have a cost, no money involved.
Dear Dad, My childhood with you was like a cup of hot chocolate
Dear Depression, We go way back I remember first meeting you that night I laid on the locker room floor fifteen years old, broken, worthless and numb Attacked by five monsters because I was “easy”.
How much attention is really given to young people as they come up in a heavily political playground? Are we truly being molded to become leaders of change or are we simply just another vote?
Ours & His - Word, Actions and Love Our Our Words Are thought expressed  Within the contacts  Of our heart's intent
Get out of our way You Louis XIV Wolf in Donatella Versace Stepping into our country To huff and puff away our industry Moral diplomatic
Black Girl Manifesto
Hello, I’m not who you think is me I’m sorry, that probably came off a little crazy but it’s the only way to describe what I’m going to say
MANMANkindBe Kind MANBe your kind of MAN
                                       Can I Sense What the Physical Eye Cannot Detect ?                                                       By: Alesiya Walker   When a heart pleads for love,              
Experience, tragedy , and Drama make the best poetry   add a few hyperboles and descriptive words expressing what happened   and shit    you're a poet      drawing in audiences reeling them in to take this trip with you up and down emotions     gi
We're living in a world filled with injustice, where we don't have to be doing anything and the cops think they can touch us, another man down, now that really starts to touch us,
Trying to be a voice to the voiceless while I'm still trying to find my own, trying to give words to the speechless yet still trying to set the tone, quiet but still outspoken, cracked but still unbroken,
You may know me, or you may not, but I garuntee, you don't know me at all. Mouth closed, eyes pencil-lead dull, limbs frozen,  I am a paper doll.
So self-conscious  That’s why she spends an hour in the bathroom Trynna see life clearer  While her mascara  Is running down her face
I AM THE CHANGE   I’m sorry I don’t want to be a president, I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone, I want to love, give and live for everyone, I want to bury this pressing dent,
The pigmentation of my skin declared I enjoy the taste of a watermelon. I made the fact known, even the smell of the fruit, nauseates me.
They say you always know which kids have no dad You know the ones always starting something, doing bad, roaming streets, making trouble, proving the stats right. Now Uncle Sam trying to keep them in his sight
A face that's kind, With just few zits. A smile that is funnier than an orange rind, With a really slow wit.   A walk without balance or grace. A mind filled with irrational fears.
Deadbeat number one. You walked out of my life before I even got to learn what your skin smelt like.I'm sure if I dug way back in my locked away, too young to remember, 
You know perfection Is a man-made word Because it is shallow. Though its implications are potent, No poetry projects from its reflection –
An hour every morning spent on my  make up and my hair I switch my outfit three times befor I walk out the door I dont do this for the attention of some flawed attraction, but I do this for me.
Flawless is a word, an adjective that describes something or someone that  Does not have defects or faults, none that diminish the value of something
Remember how car crashes sound? Like two families coming together not lovingly or caringly but tragically and disastrou
LIFE so many philosophers have tried defining this 4letter word... but some people define life with things they've been through, seen and heard.. life is a journey.... when is messes you up, you need an attorney....
some few years ago... in the 90's i enjoyed being a kid which was fun... yea very lucky... i remember we used to call ourselves batman, spiderman, superman... who were actually fictional superheros...
For Losing shall I ever be Great      Losing long nights of pain  Before they found her Quenching the thirst of my innocece Saturating my pillow from sorrow       For Losing I am Confidence
Who's wild and crazy A girl who's set free someone who listens but can talk to those in need
5 minutes is all it takes for a stranger to see what a wonderful human being you are, to become captivated by every part of you and they've only begun to scratch the surface, wh
Perfect, That I am, So perfect in fact, My name is Sam.   From my head to my toes, From the wrinkle in my nose, The perfect five foot height, The perfect far-sighted sight.  
My shoulders are drooping underneath the heavy weight of expectation. I'm being dragged by the leash of society.
First, I'm going to "Look At Myself"
Perfection is a plauge spreading through their bones. Perfection is an irrational conclusion to simplistic ideas. Perfection is a sense of security that everyone craves. Perfection is based on the fear of being different.
What is the true meaning of flawless A hope, an ideal, a dream that one may fit society's standards? Is it influence? A man, woman, or child that tries to make the world better,
My selfie Game too strong, why use filters too hide my self. You wouldnt be able to see the real me , other are shamed, turning their selves light skin and darksin but scared to show their true colors. 
I saw it but I held my breath 
Mistakes, Baby I'm flawless. What you want me to be ashamed of, Baby I flaunt it. You talk and laugh about the way I look, But don't understand that my ego can't be shook.
When hearts are breaking and feelings are getting removed, what else is left to do but put the pedal to the medal and say no love no love. Why else would I stay or why else would you leave?
When you first asked for my name The first thing that comes to mind is the number of times I will lie to you How many times do I have to sequester behind these curtains with the fear of you judging me
I am strong, No matter how many times you tell me I'm weak. 
I am the child born on a late Winter evening. I am the woman you never desire leaving. I am the lady scanning frantically in libraries. I am the hopeless romantic ending February.
Many people like to judge others, Because they're afraid to themselves be judged. They are terrible bothers, All because they're afraid their own bodies are too pudged.   I disagree with that flawed logic,
“You chubby good for nothing hog.”“Maybe if you go on a diet you won't break everything.” Starving, and crying. Starving and crying. Starving and crying,
I am 16, nearing the end of the 2nd cycl
I write when I'm sad, I write when I mad, I write when the sun shines, or pouring cats and dogs outside. I write when I have something to say, or nothing at all.
I wish I could spit poetry. To recite word to inspire spiritually. To make imperial lines so they could hear me. And see from where I’m really coming from. Instead of writing down my struggles and pains cause that would take too long.
It's not how I look, Or how I walk. It's how I react, When something's gone wrong.   As life goes on, There will be up's and down's. I try to survive, With the least amount of frowns.
WHO really am I? When my indentity is swallowen From now becoming stolen Because the bible told me I can't be gay So that identity Is hidden away... And to make sure no one knows
Being told "Its whats on the inside that matters" never felt so true. Our apperance can be deciving, Looking fresh with eyebrows and nails done Yet inside is full of selfishness, jealousy, and insecurity.
Who am I? Who are you?Who are we trying to be?
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
The power within me has lifted me through it all,even when it felt like I was going to fall. Through it all I've learned to grow with you. You hold me up when it's time to rise and you give me space to shine.
I am lifted by the Lord. Craving GOD'S Holy Word. Wherein my thoughts often linger. Searching Scriptures pages, Quelling this world's rages, Finding Christ, Salvation's bringer.
I've heard a word used most everyday, During work and amid my play. A word so strong it knows no bounds.
Life as we Know it Changed modify
I grew up with little with dreams of gaining a lot.
If you are Caucasian, Asian, or of Middle Eastern persuasion everyone wants to be black for the occasion You wear saggy jeans and you come off like this Do you really know what its like to be black and dissed
We are the Ones. The beaten, the broken, the abused.   We are the Silent. Bearing our agony with closed mouths. The quiet, the strong, the mute. We are the Patient.
A dream:Alive, wind skimming my faceOxygen ripening within my lungsI am outsideRunning among the lives of everyoneThe world, a reverse cementary People, not yet in loving memoryBut in living memory
39 Strikes of paint on a canvas telling me to, Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Good Enoug- Im Never Good Enough . . .
And what color from within can last upon her fair toned skinHow can she last a day longerCan she follow the pattern of the wave
I know exactly who I want to be But the person I've been has a strong hold on me
From this dimension, I sit left side facing sideways on the 1 Downtown, getting down time for my down soul. America threw in dirty laundry, I had no Downy.
“Hello I am “Purpose” I would like to talk to you. About what you and I are suppose to do. Now listen to me now and do what I say. Now that you and I are on our way to the top of the world to be an important person.
The Revolution Will not be Televised.  Hope will not be energized
Did you he
I inhale lately the oxygen is accompanied by a dart in my spine a prick in my mind
It was quite..just for a second, forgot about everything that was surrounding me,I felt myself struggling to move my feet because I was so weak at the knees.I could still hear the echoing of her voice..her beautiful voice,I could still feel her w
The things that make me tick... Some you'l understand others you'll get a kick   One thing is double standards: Girl gets layed - she's a sex hazard Guy gets layed - he's got swagger
This poem may be rough because it is my first ever poem, but that doesn't make it any less valid. God's love is amazing. I am tired of people thinking Christianity is full of people who are cruel and hippocrites.
May 15, 2014 THINGS ARENT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM A Larcinamonte Robinson Original
There are many moments in a persons life, but the first moment is birth when one is born into a world that we know nothing about some say it is a beautiful world I say it is
Have you ever woke up one day And looked in the mirror But this day is different than any other day From looking in the mirror Because you see something that wasn't there yesterday You see potential
Born with a story, that includes all my woman ancestor's strength that co-habits with my own. I stand by what i believe is worth crying over and fight until bloody knuckles are stinging.
You are an innocent, rare hummingbird; Constantly fluttering delicate wings- Not flying, but floating softly unheard, Taking what you please from what nature brings.
Society Says this! Society says that!
So I have quite the funny story: I was walking down the street, right, and this lady hollered “[pig noises] Ay yo Big Bertha, You should probably go on a diet and lay off the big macs.”
Tell me how I am supposed to know what to believe in,
    While a man aint answering his phone Or at 3 in the morning, he still ain't home His "Christian Woman" is all alone Asking God "What did I do wrong?"  
“Thump, Thump”. I heard a heart beat not too far away.
Monogamy/ achievable but unreachable/ strived for but at the same time pushed away./ "I love you....
The one and Only God of gods, who gave his only begotten son That whom so ever believes in him Shall not perish but live everlasting, Amen. God isn’t real you say? Yet he surely is,
Was there ever more a morning in July, Were a pair embraced A kiss upon ones cheek, set the boy to fly M'lord was that love, Send a sign to assure ones tattered mind, If so be it M'lord I love thee
My passion isn't like any other My passion is the kind of passion that doesn't point its finger but its palm It is the air I breathe; it keeps me calm therefore I'm not a tick...BOMB
Hello  Umm......  I apologize if I'm a bother  I usually don't do this because I'm....  Well I get nervous  But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
I want to start off by saying its hard being a Colored Girly-Girl People have no idea Unless you are one, Then you know my pain  
This is my attempt at a spoken word piece. Not finished. But, its how I want to start and end it. Tell me what you think...
When one takes a look  At all these young pop stars Who are picked up at a young age, Still figuring out who they are,   But the industry wrecks them,
Almost every year, There is at least one assembly Where everyone in the school Joins together to receive a message Of positive change. A hero stands before us
i’ve always been a hopeless romantic,
There really  isn't anything safe about the world we live. We walk outside of our homes everyday and only God knows what will happen. Because there aint nothin a prayer could do.
God took a breath... And uttered the syllables That bound Spirit to flesh. And God became man. Enfleshed and embodied in a body God became man, that with men He could dwell.
I guess its so typical, the man wants nothing to do with you, But his heart wants to pass his soul throu
Change Change Change, All about and all around  But it’s the wrong kind of change.
My exact words to you, "Don't go far off." It's all I have left to say, As you begin to walk away.   You begin to fade away. I try everything in my power to persuade you to stay,
If I could be who I want, I’ll want to be me From my DNA features to skin complexity Good as you’ll ever be, simile Style to my eloquence, poetry veteran
I've never really sat down to write a poem Just sat to write thoughts from my head Never really thought to write a poem Maybe I'll write one by the time I'm dead   But now I sit facing a window
Topic Gossip: I am that Hellfire & Brimstone that humans heave when they call each other heathens
We are drowning in a world that is filled with sorrow
Dear father,
Y.O.W.O--You only write once. For this life is like the footsteps in the sand and time is fleeting, so you must live with the rhythm of your heart’s beating.
Who He Is, Can't Be Explained He Is Called Many Names He Has Given Many The Strength They Need To Proceed,
Here i am
When I was six years old I sat in a darkened closet hugging my knees to my chest. 
Yeah You’re right.   I so stupidly, But truly Schizophrenically,   Allowed the man Drunk beyond words To shove his, His 12-inch, well endowed, Schlong in my anus
I ran across a tweet yesterday,  "If you're darkskinned, you need to atleast have a pretty face. #TeaLightskinned" Funny thing is, whites don't even have to be racist anymore, we're doing it for them.
So I’m not sleeping In order to correct my sleep schedule It’s ridiculous because I wake up at 3 in the afternoon And though I have no job And though my career is now in house-tending
He was raised by a single mother. She was raised by a single mother. His father died before he was born. His brother served in the military. He was picked on by the kids in school
When I was a kid, My mother took me to the doctor, Not because I was sick with the flu, But because I wasn’t Like The other kids, And what the doctor had said to her was Your son Has
Once I came upon a nest In a thicket of the forest. ‘Twas combed beneath my feet, This basket of twigs and pines, And all that sought fortitude Would come hither to retire.
When he says you’re beautiful deny it. Do not be defiant and tell your mother that organized religion isn’t for you and you won’t be going to church anymore.
                                 When I was eight he tried to steal my innocence.                                         
Where is Waldo?Well he's somewhere I knowPlaying some kind of gameMaybe its Tic-Tac-Toe?Where is your wallet?Well I'm not sure butI'm sure that if you really lookedYou saw itWhere is God?
The Most Beautiful Day of My Life. 
I wrote this for the purpose of an inspirational video.The impact of the piece isn't as great unless you SEE it. Please check it out as you listen and read along. Copy this link into your browser,
Who Am I? Confused, Terrified, Unworthy Inside Smiles, Bright, Cherished Outside Does everyone think this way or Is it just me? As the starting point of a child's book is about to unwrap here to see. 
When A woman lays down and gives her innocence to a man it's described as beautiful When A man takes advantage of the privelage it's often usual Being A good father to your child is unusual 
God? God?! Can you hear me? I scream your name every day. I patiently wait for an answer, but I never receive one. I want to her you speak to me.
Force fed faith, She refused to swallow. Knowing not to bite The hand that feeds her, But she still snaps. Her only way out.
I’m slipping You see, some days I wake Not fully realizing the opportunity I have to cease the day And instead of treasuring such beauty I become distracted by the essence of myself
  We are like one crayon, in a box full of crayons. There are bright ones and dark ones, sharp ones and dull ones.   Sometimes we get lost and unused. We feel dark and dull and without hope.
You live, you die, you laugh, you cry That is how life goes, but i wonder why Some say it is like a roller coaster It takes you to your highs and lows Others say it is like a journey
Their magnetic hands grab at mepulling me into the darkInebriated with emotions.. "NO! Won't stop..won't stop.."A spirit inside me is screaming"Can't lose myself-must keepgoing."
  How come we can't belive nor will we receive the golden medal of grace? Is it because we can't pin point a gift or talent, or we've ran astray? Or maybe it's because we can't
How come we can't belive nor will we receive the golden medal of grace? Is it because we can't pin point a gift or talent, or we've ran astray? Or maybe it's because we can't
DARKNESS fills my sould. HATRED fills my thoughts. The LIGHT is too far. I will NEVER see it again. Fuzzy...different...this is quite serene. I now realize what those words mean. HOPE is written out. LOVE is within this text. I FEEL it.
Fault of Destiny As a female it is destine to endure the pain of feminism. The curiosity of Eve will forever haunt the innocent. A normal female
I can feel myself slipping away. I radiate a feeling of despair, I want, I strive, I long, I fear,  Can I, will I get better, Or will this hell be forever? I was once normal, happy as any other boy,
Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They blurred my vision and the path to admission. Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They hurt my ambitions on completing the mission.  
The wind in the willow the will o' the wisp   A treehouse down where I used to live Up in the willow the willow that weeps Outside the orchard my maple held me
Trapped up in emotions will she ever get out? Living without fear but still facing doubt. So many things in this world she would love to obtain, going  through so many phases but still trying to remain sane.
The warmth of the sun is reflected in my skin We have sepia tones and copal brown skins Enriched melanin From a young age we learn and encourage to Take pride in ourselves
Speak out! The voice of mutes made by cries that fall on deaf ears. The sounds of silence ringing on telephones of imagination and hopeful expectation. Filled with dignity, Clothed in shame.
He had the eyes of Horus that blended perfectly with his bronze skin and thick coiled hair. He resembled an Egyptian God. Someone who live their life with such lawlessness and anarchy.
He had the eyes of Horus that blended perfectly with his bronze skin and thick coiled hair. He resembled an Egyptian God. Someone who live their life with such lawlessness and anarchy.
He had the eyes of Horus that blended perfectly with his bronze skin and thick coiled hair. He resembled an Egyptian God. Someone who live their life with such lawlessness and anarchy.
If faith can move mountains and can calm a sea, imagine what would happen if everybody believed. Faith is a substance of things hoped for, not seen, so don't go looking as if it's an everyday thing.
Most of us say we need it, but do we truly believe it? We are in constant competition to win the prize: job positions, checks written; Don't look surprised.
People ask me what I believe all the time.I believe that beliefs have reason and rhyme.The reasons for mine are the signs of the times;the negativity and number of people that are blind.
Ten I tell you of your sin Nine The anguish of your Eyes Eight Its the thing God hates Seven That No good girls go to Heaven Six Because no good girls exist. Five
I see demons on the ceilings- They crawl down the steps and up the pew to preach- I see sheep in the pasture- and if he tells them to jump they will fly from the rock and kiss the ocean-
Sadness lurks on the street like an ancient greyhound—forlorn, lonely, With a heavy satchel strapped on his back, slowly limping on the road To nowhere. The rest of the known world has deserted him—left
I saw the world for what it truly is when i closed my eyes. She figured out her worth when she closed her thighs He truly saw himself when he left the guys We are all robots in disguise living lies
My world is damaged, my world it bleeds, It’s been infected, corrupted, and battered to a “tee”. It cries, it begs, it screams out of pain, And unless something changes, it will die in vain.
I will communicate in ways unknown, slipping references inside spaces that you never even knew existed making sure that you understand that You. Missed. This. chance to be with someone so clever
Nautical graves and practical poets, Woman's condition and cultural woe. Heaving sensations accompany the telly. What's worse than these? The end of the show.
I never understood why poetry had to contain six syllabic words or compare love to birds. I never understood why it had to include metaphors so deep and complex that even the writer no longer understands the true meaning.
On the other side of sometimes, I wait with baited breath On the other side of sometimes, I keep away from death
So this guy had a problem. More specifically, he had a problem with me and was asking questions about my mentality, trying to make me realize that it's no use being a writer
It gets to me when you wanna be with someone that is too hurt to be happy with you. When they wanna be with you, but they dont, "but they do, but they dont", confused on wat to do.
Our poor forsaken generation Focus...focus....focus Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus Feeling like I'm choking....but I know if I'm not blowing this
There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see. His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest. His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
We're afraid to recognize the faults So life goes on with its deadly assaults Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults Then sense pours out
Why lie when I can see it through your eyes? You just make it worse, But what can you say, that's just life's course. What your going through, isn't so good, relying on sorrow isn't so well.
I flew from circus tents into the great unknown Blue. My feet were stained with the yellow of the desert— still wet. It took one leap for the white wings I keep folded away (only showing whispers
Sometimes I feel blind, like I cannot see But the world sees him, and also sees her The world ignores me, and never sees me But the world shields them, while I remain blurred.
You came into my life so clear, so bright while others passed by, you chose to stay waited out the ride slowly peering out inch by inch slowly creeping out exposing more and more
Your words meant a lot to me... but now they mean nothing... you told me I was different... I believed you because your words meant something... but now they mean nothing...
is it possible to be addicted to somebody? if so, is it possible to stay in love with them? to never fall out of love with them? to have them stay on your mind...forever? constantly invading your space
Memories and memories running through my head. I hate thinking of all that you said. All those lies and all those words didn’t mean a thing. I used to think you were my everything.
There is no light to light up my night, I Live in darkness, There is no light. My life is lonely, My life is tight You are miles away, You are my life I can't express emotions, I can't even write
I don't think you know or even have a clue, how I love your spirit and everything you do. At first it was just mere infatuation, Over time, I couldin't stand near you without my heart racing,
No one understands the true meaning of love, But when I'm with you then that word makes sense. Being with you, I tell you is the closest thing to magic, And if not it's bang right on it.
You said it, therefore it must be true. Yes, every word you speak is law. Why should anyone have room to doubt you? You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
I am so broken. I have this hole in my heart. It’s aching to be fixed. I want to find someone who won’t leave me or make me broken.
Sometimes relationships can be difficult. Trying to work things out might not come clean. All the drama and arguments is nothing new. Everyday is just another bad day. People always have feelings for each other.
With all the pain, and struggles, and tears I’ve cried. It’s all building up, I can no longer hide The slits on my wrist Nor the bruises on my body. I pray one day I can meet that somebody
Anastoria Walton Full Sail University C/O 2014
i will not bask in the river of your hate,or the sea of your so-called love i will not float on the waves of lies and deception jus to be fooled again because i thought this was not an ordinary trip
I loved the way you held me I loved the way you cared I loved the way you say nothing and at me you would stare
Love...what is it with you and me? Did I offend you? Because lately you've been my enemy That's the only way it would seem Do I not ask why enough? Or is it that I don't nag over unnecessary stuff
Oh the dove, so peaceful and nice Hopefully it has no weakness to ice For the white dove of love has no idea of its fate It will soon be dead giving great grief to his friend Tate
You, Me, Were truly like a mystery, One day you hate me, The next you don’t, One day I hate you, The next I don’t, It’s not always clear what you’re thinking,
It all starts with love Or should one call it lust The man brings flowers and everything above, LOVE He makes the relationship feel as if it is filled with TRUST The woman is in love, dangerously in LOVE
What is love? Does everyone feel it differently? Or do some not feel it at all? How do we know when it's real? Or is it all just a fantasy? What is love?
He used to be my hero Now he is my pain I used to be a pawn chess Used inside his game I used to be his lover, his smile, and his heart Now I'm not his sunshine, he left me in the dark
I just want to change someones state of mind. Everyday brings me one step closer to being outta time. I'm sick and tired of everyone acting like this is such a crime. Maybe if you weren't your own enemy and had a open mind,
I want to see you. Not the pin-up, cardboard cutout you parade past strangers. Not the watered-down, ever changing version of yourself you tailor to each person you know.
Though I long to be in your precious embrace I long to hear your sweet voice and even when I long to feel you by my side I know im not alone because even though your not hear in whole I still feel your soul watching
My big heart shattered into a million tiny pieces, I felt as if my life was over, my best friend was gone. You were the only guy I’d ever loved, the only guy I knew how to love.
The intoxication of your being Has me drunken in a stupor Lost in your eyes and in your smile Unknowingly driving me wild With a yearning to touch the deepest
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
Today we can live Yesterday we've survived Tomorrow will never cry The days of our lives We can do whatever. Till one of us die Then we all Cry
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What is comparable to inevitable?? If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten. How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling? The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
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