Love Lost


When A woman lays down and gives her innocence to a man it's described as beautiful

When A man takes advantage of the privelage it's often usual

Being A good father to your child is unusual 

Because those who value materials are often those who are confusing you

Now woman gives lust to a man who gives her nothing

But attention and Gucci purses turn a ghetto chick from hood to something

Isn't it odd how we dream of these possessions

And refuse intelligence which endows a life lesson

So these women touch these men because of a lack of criticism

Maybe a father figure went missing, due to agression

Then she strips and takes his dollars and they forget the protection

Also forgetting that as men born leaders these women tend to these erections

With no job and no goals these dudes can gain a decent chick

Adding on to domestic

Offering rough sex and hits

Throwing up a fake gang and AK's can make him sick

But these women love the thugs so how many they sleep with, they soon forget

I never got how a woman couldn't resist

Trying out different men as if they all don't play the same tricks

That he said she said mentallity a bad chick

Well bad chicks get drunk and forget their innocence

Go home with a man in a BMW benz

A court side baller who invested in tattoos and rims

When he uses her for just her limbs just so she can buy some Timbs for her friends and her mother

He begins to make a mends and lie again

Not to mention her self esteem 

Which lowers because she doesn't know herself

So she indulges in the wealth of the men

Breaking their neck to get a piece

Not just a taste but make her weak

No longer cuddling then sleep

But long nights that make tears weap

Because that man that she indulged in left her home

Took his phone along beside because another chicks also alone

Waiting on a broken promise that has never happened

Didn't know she'd end up pregnant when she was in the club clapping

Now the man is her demise 

Because he touched without protection

And she forgot to realize 

Another child growing up without a father

But bad chicks don't want a good man who achieve scholar

These thugs given thoughts to the girls not the ladies

And it's crazy cuz in return these women go gay 

And have their babies raised by two ladies

That's how it is now I guess

But the truth is in the printing

Having sex isn't passion anymore 

But a way of venting

So reflect on your actions and describe the pain of giving

Why create a child if you aren't really sure on how you're living

And these bad chicks wanna take but these dudes aren't to keen on giving

So protect your innocence 

Like a box with to much ribbon.


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