My Used to be Love


United States
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My big heart shattered into a million tiny pieces,
I felt as if my life was over, my best friend was gone.
You were the only guy I’d ever loved, the only guy I knew how to love.
Having you in my life meant the world to me; no one else was as special.
Why did you have to go and break my soft, sweet and gentle heart?
I was here for you in the beginning; I was here when no one else was.
But yet, I am the one who’s left broken hearted.
All of the nice, sweet and supportive things I have done for you. .
But yet, that didn’t matter, you didn’t care, you don’t care.
I have never in my life felt so alone, you left me in this cold world alone.
But I have learned my lesson, never let a guy in without knowing he’s “the one”.
I thought you were the guy I would marry, but I thought wrong.
I had planned our future together and everything, such a waste of time.
But thank you, thank you for showing me what not to look for in a guy.


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