So what happens now?


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It gets to me when you wanna be with someone that is too hurt to be happy with you.
When they wanna be with you, but they dont, "but they do, but they dont", confused on wat to do.
When you know which way happiness is, but for you its the road not taken.
Remember the days are numbered, never get that mistaken.
But i guess you catch amnesia because you still return to the one you "think" you have love for.
But they one you have love for is the one who secretly dont love you anymore.
But the one that used to love you is the one that doesnt want u to go.
Doesnt want you to be with anyone that makes you happy because now your happy, and it show.
Doesnt want you to love anyone else because they never thought to love you the way you love them.
Doesnt want you to find the flower, but be left with nothing but the stem.
So what happens now?
On the other side you have this wonderful person waiting to be the right one for you, waiting for their chance.
On the other side is a blessing, an opportunity to advance.
An opportunity to move on from the dark clouds that followed you every minute you moved.
A person whos ability to make and keep you happy has constantly been proved.
Patient, Caring, Loving but yet the situation between the two of you is still left misunderstood.
Left with the question, what happens now?
Do they leave it alone, let you learn from the mistakes of the past.
Or stand by you, expecting their feelings to stay strong and outlast.
What happens now, when all hope seems lost.
When the chances are growning weaker and weaker.
When the pain gets deeper and deeper.
What will you do?
What will you do when that person, possibly the right person, moves on and forgets about you?
Then who will you run to?
The time when you can be happy but, how.
Then your left with the what happens now?

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