I Still Love You

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 01:26 -- krispy



Were truly like a mystery,

One day you hate me,

The next you don’t,

One day I hate you,

The next I don’t,

It’s not always clear what you’re thinking,

And it bugs the helk out of me,

Often times driving me insane, in my membrane,

I’ve heard so many bad things about you,

Some of them I’m not sure are really true,

But I’m still at your side,

Although I’m not sure why,

When we meet, I can hear my heart rapidly beat,

My lungs suddenly run out of air and before you know it,

You and I together are right there,

All we end up doing in the end is just giving a glaring stare,

That’s all we’ve ever been,

Nothing more, you and I, we’ve never dared,

Still I dream of,

You and Me,

Even though I know that we will never be.


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