Thu, 04/07/2016 - 09:33 -- JadaC

We're living in a world filled with injustice,

where we don't have to be doing anything and the cops think they can touch us,

another man down, now that really starts to touch us,

from the hands of the ones who supposed to protect us,

but don't let the cops be a cop out for what we're doing to ourselves,

shooting our friends and going around raising hell,

protest for Trayvon, Eric and Freddie

but protest for black on black crime, when are we going to be ready?

 If a white man kills Ray Ray then it's a tragedy and the whole hood cries

but if Pookie kills Ray Ray then somehow it becomes justified,

but killing is still a sin no matter what color skin you're in,

so when is all of this pointing of the finger finally going to come to an end?

We look at the system as a murderer who comes up with these plots and schemes

and whose only motive in life is to take out us black people

and kill off all of our dreams.

 But really there's no point of coming up with a whole bunch of conspiracies,

because the fastest way to kill off our black race is just to tell us that we're free.

 See a free black man has no limits and isn't afraid to die

 because he knows it's not the body that gives us life,

it's the soul from which we thrive.

So does black lives matter? Yup they sure do,

but if we took the black off of it, would it still mean the same thing to you?

See the soul has no color; it's the spirit that's within

and has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

 New hash tag our souls matter,

retweet that and share that on your facebook.

Here's a fun fact freedom doesn't have a specific look,

and that's the difference between us and our ancestors,

 they may have been beaten, enslaved and physically restrained,

but they never allowed themselves to be mentally detained.

they knew freedom was a state of mind, and not a way in which we live.

See they knew that the world couldn't talk away something that it just didn't give,

but us, we think we're entitled to something,

Like our ancestors played the game but we deserve the prize.

 So every chance we get we try to make it known,

it's something we want everyone to recognize,

and we're looking for the system to validate our power.

So we keep digging up our ancestors burdens and picking them up as ours.

Yes we represent who they are

 but we also have to lead in example of who we want to become

 and we can't do that trying to reenact where we come from.

 We have to remember the next generation is just going to follow the last

 and how can we create a better future when we keep getting stuck in the past?

 New hash tag, we are not our ancestors.

So we can't fight their fight

but we can make them proud by doing what's right,

which means owning up to our flaws enough to make a change

and maybe this cycle of oppression will be rearranged.

Change starts with us; we can change our fate,

We need to be aware and educated but also mindful that we can't change hate.

All we can do is give out love and empower each other,

 take pride in ourselves and build up one another.

So right now it's time to get rid of excuses

and own up to who you are no matter who may dispute it.

 So I'm black and I'm proud and I will never fit in a crowd

and I am educated but I also have common sense

 and I'm tired of the color black being associated with the word ignorance.

I will never let any system, race or problems have any power over me.

life may not be easy but me, I am free.

 I stand for the world and I stand for us,

 I am not a statistic or a victim, I am living in justice.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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