Missed Opportunity


I apologize if I'm a bother 
I usually don't do this because I'm.... 
Well I get nervous 
But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
And though I have a huge fear of rejection
I couldn't help coming over here to tell you 
I won't mind if you smile and say no
I'll still walk away honored that you even acknowledged my presence 
I noticed you across the way
Instantly in awe by your stride 
It was the way your hips would sway I could tell with every step,
you're demanding respect
And that's what I intend to give 
Nothing less 
I have this huge weight on my chest because I'm hoping for a yes 
To you having dinner with me?
maybe a few drinks?
Or a place of your choice 
the bill is on me
Or even if you just want to chill and talk 
I'm all ears
Sorry but your smile has me mesmerized 
But I'm even more distracted by your eyes 
Where are you going?
You never......
Oh yeah,
I forgot to really walk over there. 


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