That's Us.


They say you always know which kids have no dad

You know the ones always starting something, doing bad,

roaming streets, making trouble, proving the stats right.

Now Uncle Sam trying to keep them in his sight

Got 'em behind bars, begging for bygones to stay bygones. 

Stereotypes. That's what they want you to think 

But when it comes to Us, it's more rights than wrongs.

The kids watching their moms pinch pennies

That's Us.

The kids pulling doubles at Denny's

That's Us.

The kids doing everything they can to please mommy

Keep a smile on her face something like Steve Harvey


Yes, that's Us.


We're left behind as if we're wardrobes full of dust

And no looking back at the rust 

on that old bike you left out in the rain.

We remain sane. 

At least we try.

Despite those everlasting teary nights,

internal fights for identity that grew like stems in me.

And yes, the situation is screwed up

but it's what we got to do to make up 

for the dudes with kids but aren't willing to be...

well you know.. Dads.

It's 24 million fatherless children

in the most innovative country on Earth

searching high and low for their worth.

And the saddest thing about it

is that many of them will keep the cycle going

and going, and going, and going

until they reach those in a generation 

that refuse to bring into this world, a baby, a creation

with no regards of the crisis

that left their mothers almost lifeless.


That's Us.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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