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Love...what is it with you and me?

Did I offend you?

Because lately you've been my enemy

That's the only way it would seem

Do I not ask why enough?

Or is it that I don't nag over unnecessary stuff

Am I wrong for being polite?

And if so,am I wrong for not wanting to fight?

Can it be true that I don't ask of you much?

Or should I just stay away from this unbreakable touch?

Do you really expect me to speak words of profanity and such?

Because if not i don't know what

You scream and shout

You make all the answers without my account

You tell me lies and not the truth

But why?What did I do to you?

Do you even care sometimes?

Because i'm so tired of these tears of mine

Do you even think of me?

You make it seem like some unsolved mystery

Love what happen to you and I?

I remember when I was always by your side

Now its more like Ive been buried to die

And it hurts how you treat me on the inside

So Love.Were through

We need more than love for us two

Theres nothing left for you to do

You took everything from me Love

I want everything you took from me to be taken from you

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