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I read and read and read, Waiting for the inspiration to hit. Waiting for the ideas to come, Almost forcing them out of their holes and into the open But they don't, so instead I go to school.
I lay down in the snow looking up at the sky.  Watching the warmth of my breath escape my body as i breath out into the chilling air My hands feel like frozen icicles, my body shivering in reply
The moment you were taken felt so vivid and intolerable It was as if I was swept away by a cold breeze Your absence brought two things Pain and strength You showed me how to move forward
When I hear a line in a song that sends shivers down my spine – When I see a painting that dazzles my eyes – When I see a scientist speak of the Voyager spacecraft, Wildly, exuberantly –
When I hear a line in a song that sends shivers down my spine – When I see a painting that dazzles my eyes – When I see a scientist speak of the Voyager spacecraft, Wildly, exuberantly –
Flowing like a river, running fast Every stride keeping time with the earth Deep connections to my heart There is no other bond than that of a girl and a horse  
What has happened to this world? Discrimination, separation, building a wall for this nation? For what?! They treat us like animals, building a wall to get rid of all the immigrants in America. But for what?! FOR WHAT?!
my eyes swarming with tears, filling will sadness, overwhelmed by the pain, my heart begans to ache-- sinking to my knees--i failed. why was this not enough? I could do better.
Waltzing with my Child Can’t lift your head yet barely, But your eyes they charm and smile. Little babe I love so dearly, Please stay small for a while.  
  It’s almost as if everything stops. The air stills until the dull murmur of the rain continues Leaving me restless. It’s the world’s gasp for air, 
The wind blows through the window as I think of the day, The silent television eager to play. I think of the people, so close and caring,
Sunrise, sunset, every day we begin again, every day we rest. Every day we are waken up and motivated. Motivated to do good,  motivated to make an impact. I step into the sun,
You found me in the depth of despair When I was frightened to look upon your face I trambled at your feet, as my name echoed within the darkness of my heart You saw that I was broken
not just pacific air but mountain and desert too  People’s air that fills the mountain valley  The desires that permeate the desert’s cracked soil  The blue haze of a day dripping with  shine 
My mind is a book unread With pages that have words to be said But I am filled with dred to read ahead My words pile up unsaid. I am crushed underneath them leaving me for dead I am hanging by a thread
There's so much going on A mind full of words. A heart full of spirit Spinning, swirling, trying to escape Mouth closed. Has a way with words Yet don't have a way with words? No no don't do it
Standing in the rainunder a slate grey sky,grass tickling the bottomsof bare feet, Arms spread wideto embrace it allas the wind howlsand the trees sigh. Thunder roars and
When I was born  I was labeled  You can’t be that because you are a women  you can’t be that because you grew up there  you can’t be smart because you didn’t go to a charter school 
When I was born  I was labeled  You can’t be that because you are a women  you can’t be that because you grew up there  you can’t be smart because you didn’t go to a charter school 
You have already promised me too much Nights in Paris, tucked tight under the covers As crisp air sashays through the open window to stroke my bare skin
The love that fills our mind The music playing in our head Something you see when others are blind A thing a man has said   Maybe it’s the happiness that fills the air
Thor likes sandwiches Eggs, bacon, and cheese  That is his fave
  Aphrodite walks, hips swaying to the beat of the music, her heels clicking on the cold marble, turning heads of all except the eyes of the one she wants  
They do not tell you  How she danced on bones  Laughing, smiling  A grin of a madman They do not tell you  That the red staining her mouth
She walked the hallowed halls To answer her prayers as she silently stood Searching for someone to call
 Amid the millennia to passLived many who would seek to surpassVenerated wise men, to whom the years had not been kind,Instilled with a thirst they could not bindSearching more than just a whimSo it was until we became like him.  Welcoming answers
 Amid the millennia to passLived many who would seek to surpassVenerated wise men, to whom the years had not been kind,Instilled with a thirst they could not bindSearching more than just a whimSo it was until we became like him.  Welcoming answers
  Hammer struck the marble block, Thrice was heard throughout the night. Face took shape and beauty shock, Lips of ruby, eyes of light. ‘Twas the forging of Pandora.    
It’s 9:30am at Myth Shore High A place where the children of greek gods learn and grow As they try to fill the expectations that have been set for them 
Years ago, my youth escaped me I’ve seen it around through glimpse of what could be   Years ago, I became a grown up started paying bills became an expert on playing catchup  
Years ago, my youth escaped me I’ve seen it around through glimpse of what could be   Years ago, I became a grown up started paying bills became an expert on playing catchup  
  In Nantucket, she grew to love the buoyant seersucker she walked on, that carried her beyond the linens and grace. They were robed with sun, eating figs from every tree,
I was invited to a movie night out with my friends It was Friday, it would do none of us harm. This was our time to have fun and forget
Sometimes adults are just kids inside. Choosing to live a life led by lies. Someone who shirks responsibility and hides, but it is only when you are a fool that you can start to be wise.  
I am growing upI can't believe its actually timeFrom not only growing from a baby to a teenI am growing  I am growing upgetting my first car,opening a bank account,oh and getting a jobIt's been hard but I am growing up Even through the stormsand t
I am growing upI can't believe its actually timeFrom not only growing from a baby to a teenI am growing  I am growing upgetting my first car,opening a bank account,oh and getting a jobIt's been hard but I am growing up Even through the stormsand t
She is blessed to see the world beyond her eyes the moment she is created and she grows older with laughter without the slightest worry in the world because she doesn’t need to, yet.
A switch didn’t flip, the impact wasn’t sudden. Yet the change felt just as jarring. One day, responsible free, the next, my brown head of hair
Sometimes you may forget those things important, They run away if they haven't any reinforcement, But sometimes the best thing to do
  I hadn’t realized I had grown. I feel mostly the same. I look mostly the same. But I think something has changed.  
A coin has two sides, one side heads, the other side tails. It should be clear that one of two sides will face up when the coin is flipped I learned that when I was 5.  
Missing person 5’9”, blonde hair, green eyes She's lost and under heavy disguise No, it's not her makeup or her lashes This feeling, it comes in flashes
The re’s a ro pe but you ca n’t gr ab  on It’s slip ping t hrough my fin gers My hand s are  get ting red He’s pul ling Tryi ng to disconn ect it from my gra sp
The re’s a ro pe but you ca n’t gr ab  on It’s slip ping t hrough my fin gers My hand s are  get ting red He’s pul ling Tryi ng to disconn ect it from my gra sp
There’s no greater joy than to be in love First love, that is He took me so high, we soared miles above There was no greater comfort than in his kiss  
Each is a new day,  yet everything is always the same.  No friends,  or nights out,  or fun.  I then look to myself and see,  I suck.  I am the reason for my struggle. 
It's easy to forget, you know? That time can pass when you aren't paying attention And suddenly, your little sister says she likes that boy, And your little brother is taller than you are,
Take a breath, pause. Step back, pause. Am I okay? Sit at home wondering why, my body isn't like theirs. My voice isn't like theirs. It's like the world is,
Her sweet spirit, so shy to the on looking world Exploded whenever she took the floor She twirled and jumped before she could ever speak And now her dreams walked out the door  
Fear welling up inside.He loved me. He lied.My heart wretchedly aches,But he is just fine.  
They tell you to fight back They assume you can  They want you to tell them But I was only 8 when it started He told me to shut up He told me he'd kill my family He told me I was nothing
Ive done alot in many way But not so much, I have no greys My hair is full, my heart is too I am no fool, my heart is two  
fear comes and go, but this one will always be on aboard , to overcome we must face whats truly in our face , anti social isnt a joke but joining clubs and particpitacing in school always left my smile broke 
Dear Anxiety, I am tired I am the punching bag That you constantly beat I lie awake in bed each night Broken and bruised
I am afraid of failing.  Failing.  The word alone is scary.    I'm afraid of failing in life.  Failing to do simple things such as doing taxes, school, being an adult.  What else?  
As I carried you for 41 long weeks You would kick with delight to the sound of my heartbeat When 38 hours of labor continued to go on I prayed for you to be in my arms
  for so long i was torn between             faces & places and not being able to choose what to do or where to go that would please others [please me] i wanted this and i wanted that
Great writers Sit in silence When they work, And I Am anything but.   Silence is madness. He is the killer
Sitting across a stranger who will never comprehend anything I say A moment of silence for the language barrier that cannot be broken Different minds who have indifferent ideas of morals.
Red, white, and blue What does that mean to you? To you red might symbolize love But to me red symbolizes the blood
Am I ready for what society has to offer, or will I wallow in the state of no change. Beginning to out grow this illusion I have on society. Wanting to be mercenary, but I continue
I never knew someone tired or true But my father loved me through and through Even when I broke my bike And dropped my grades for a girl I liked
You've been with me all my life. I suppose you will be here till I die. In these my times of happiness and strife Both here and gone in the blink of an eye
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
    Eliezer Wiesel  Ruta Sepetys  Kids who suffered  Was 13 when Romania was invaded  
you were the first one that was happy to help.  the first one to not be upset  at the removal of your time, for the improvement of my life.   You were the first one who listened to me. 
The comments, The slurs, The silence. They all hurt, Some less, Some more. Speak up. The pain, The toxic, Friends or Foe, Mean or Nice, Speak against the stereotypes.
Something small sits on my desk It has little meaning to me. The small object sits, unmoving. It has scratched green paint, and a deformed head,
Do you see what time has done? Less than a century ago, our era had begun. In a male dominated society, we had sprung late but strong and gentle
Your words are like a blanketThat covers me soft and warmThat whispers reassurancesLike an anchor in the storm.
There has existed primordially only one spirit, a killer beast, a violent storm the tides of death, and a burning fire. She is the spirit of chaos and a being of beauty untold, a lone child a dying star, a crying eye.
Dear Happiness, Please don't ever leave me. I wish to be hand-in-hand with you until the end.  Continue to spread your wings and soar to unreachable heights.   Dear Anxiety,
There goes Ed walking down the block He's on his way find a rock. All of a sudden, he turned and run Someone let out their Bull Dog; he was so done!   Screaming and crying, Ed ran back home
Dear Grandfather,   I don’t even know what to say to you. You’ve made a writer speechless. Congratulations.  
Dear Mom,
From the early mornings until the late nights, oh what a sight. No you don’t bark,  bark you have never. But you listen Like the leaves brushing outside of my window in soft strokes 
Motions, often more than words, are shown  Emotions running deeper than ever Feelings that are genuine, not taken by loan  Connections between the two cannot sever   
Because I love you, I will listen to you as you do to me. Because I love you, I will kiss you goodnight and kiss you good morning. Because I love you, I will cherish every second we spend together.
When she was a little girl Without her cloak Without her crimson-red shield She was innocent, full of light, full of life  
Day by day, night by night, The witch would spend alone with fright She couldn’t contain it nor control it But she couldn’t resist the thought:     “Cake…”   “… pie…”
Once upon a timethere was a mermaid that lived deep in the oceanyears passed under the blue waters,her life always in motionin directions she did not desire.Fifteen long years passed in the company of sisters
Ferocious, savage, ruthless is he. Barbaric, appalling, brash; flee. No mercy needed. He, must be defeated. Chased out by scorn. Enigma born.  Straws to flame. Sticks to sunder.
To envision, imagine the world like fusion as thee life unfolds a dragon, To speak no evil to hear is good and we only did what we could, The world, dark cold bleak is like a pearl blackened from the deep,
Pretty little girl With a basket full of fruit.  Her mouth may smile,  But her eyes reveal the truth.    Says she's off to see her aunt,  But that's not her real plan- She has a secret hidden
I am born. And pass through a system white and holy. The juxtaposition of sickly green and healthy, blush red. The devil’s advocate, weapon of deception.   Those precious vocal chords rest,
America.The free, the brave, the strong.Common words, placed in common songs.We claim to be the truth,We’ve been lying all along.When opinion masquerades as fact
America, once beautiful -  When will you appear as the stories say? With your ragged past, were you ever great? Perhaps achieving ‘great again’ is not the way.
Americas usually know for the great things that they have done. But is it really all that great?
America the Great, The land of the free, This is my home And you won’t take it from me.   We split from Britain In a bloody war, where Brothers fought brothers, and
Watching the water trickle down the side of the crevasse,  Squirrels scuttle along the leaves hiding Fall's bounty, I'm filled with awe at the beauty of natured formed. The hike back barely seems strenuous while
When you’re a kid, they tell you a lot of things They show you stories and prayers and coloring They always tell you that you can do anything And that you could be queen of the world
The key to life Is a curious thing Some may describe in as embroidered in gold  and flowing with satin ribbons that cascade down its side. Every minute of every day of every year
A year ago, maybe two or three I wasn't sure of myself Or if my goals in life would be guarantee I'm young and full of hope Yet, I bet I can mail you all my insecurities in a big envelope
Burning. Burning right down to the lungs, right through every muscle, every fiber, every cell.
Serenity Slave away for happiness Slave away from happiness Equanimity   How does one Judge, what is the reality, when all is opposed, so effectively?  
Welcome to facebook where everybody has the best boo, best family. Where everything is rosey where the ugly gets beautiful and the bad are liked by so many people you don't even know existed. A place where
Love comes in all shapes and forms But it's hard to say with all these norms   There's a wall built up so high That separates my love and I   You're scared to be different, so you fret
Golden hair on brown skin--unPalatable. Unfilled eyebrows, sparse as this country's humanity--indolEnt Fierce disease causes cruel brusing on body--compLains she has bed bugs.
I cry out in agony and pain Stripped of my freedoms, striked by prejudice against my people my blanket of hope is taken by despair I am naked being poked and prodded by man’s hate
I cry out in agony and pain Stripped of my freedoms, striked by prejudice against my people my blanket of hope is taken by despair I am naked being poked and prodded by man’s hate
They see me, But it's only who I wish I could be. They see the "Loud" When in my mind no one's proud.
The years have quickly gone by time seems like an illusion. A gobbled up time of events that has been swallowed up by quick sand.    Memories are not the same as they were 365 days ago.
I wake with passionI wake with actions,my everlasting fire ignites from laughing. I hope not to covet, butto endorse my dreams and love itto improve things that bring joy like choice and less judgement.
Band is hard. Band is life. Therefore, life is hard.
passing looksI'll throw my head in a bookto make you believethat perhaps, I wasn't starringeach thrown glanceseems a little more daring.
Na-wonder life ni type gani ya game,ni hockey,rugby ama table tennis?
I won't talk about who I amuntil the words are directed at no one,words shouted into air no one dare breathes.   I am a good person,but that doesn't mean I am honest.
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Painted Upon a Page my unspoken words sit. Sour and horrid are their meanings... deeper than I would like to admit.
Poetry is my sunshine My gateway to heaven I couldn't go a day without it Not ever cooncerned about if it rhymes My poetry speaks values It gives me a sense of importance Like I never have to wait
We don’t know where we’re going Or how we’re getting there Or what to make of this journey called life     But we’re hustling through
My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Than
Writing is to me as oxygen is to fire, or sunlight to the welcoming branches of a tree. The ink that courses through my veins, thick and black,
Nocturnal beauty flying through the night Indigo Gypsy hiding from the light. Close your eyes, make a wish  and send it up in a cloud. Lost you are, but soon to be found.   The stars can't be reached,
It burns To know so little now it burns to see so little now it burns to feel to little now but then how can i burn?
The one thing I can not live without is the woman who spouts about the closest to my heart my mother that is tart but on this island still, I need to find a way out
My eyes flutter open to a world draped in a haze a sight so unclear and undefined that I am left in a daze. I blink and adjust to the warm light peeking from my windows
When You are caught up in something so right and blind to every flag dawned red There comes a day when I shall rise like a kite There will come a day when the wind stops   I need to be your reason to fight
Best friends are angels,That God sent along.They always stay beside you,Whenever things go wrong.
From OPI to Sinful Colors. From Essie to L’Oreal Paris. You name it, I got it.   How I adore all your colors and shines,
I Am….Second by Reoni Newsome I am second. In a race? Not quite I am my best critic My worst competitor in this competition called life I am second.
Blink A baby on the hip of a preteen girl, Nine years older than the baby sister. The girl laughs open-mouthed, head thrown back The baby grins and giggles.
She recuperates, Deserts fly,   Away cries the vast ceiling bat, Shatter my climbing dark vision,   "Don't forget!" Says the graveman, I'm never always alone, Always alone,  
Why is this so difficult?All I want to do is write.That should be the most important thing.Yet I focus on two things;Paper…Or keyboard? Do I want to writeWith a smooth blue gel ink pen,Or do I want to quickly typeWhat I thinkAs it pops in my head?
I was difficult from the start although I had my momma's heart!   i kicked and kicked and broke her rib i guarantee that's no fib.   she always expected me to excel,
I've had about exactly enough of this Of the big-wigs telling people that they don't deserve to live Because they weren't born with money (Where's that silver spoon?)
I am from bored out bamboo, from tinikling and hand-made entities. I am from the bahay kubo A small shelter, but a hunbling source of protection for many.   I am from Manila and Olongapo 
I am a Mother A woman of Faith I find my escape in God's great embrace I am a teacher In my daughter's ways Teach her right from wrong
I am not a category
Out of the sadness that covers me Dark as the night from time to time I thank to the virus that infected me To the humble self that change by time   In the world full of sorrow
Rimshot, Flam, Paradiddle, Rest.
I want everything to be awesome, I want my loved one to be handsome, My education to be wholesome,
Everyone can say a million different things that are awesome to them Those opinions are solid precious diamonds and gems…..
Pushed Down In a rut But Tupac told me Keep my head up.   Obstacles, hurdles Twist and turns Yes, indeed we live to learn.   I may fret, I may cry
Existing is a blessing in which we all possess.  and yes,  to live a life seeking happiness and love is a life we should select But to attain each and spread Love and happiness is what we should express
The rays of light crept through the blinds. Each ray travelled a seperate path.  One particular ray came my way. It peeked under the blanket. It took me into a warm embrace of hugs and kisses.
Dear Sun, You give me delight. Your unspeakable might. You're the happiness in the sky. oh... so high... You're brighter than lightning. Children are complaining! The colors you beam
My twin sister is very awesome, we've been together eighteen years. Shared secrets through the morning light and even shared some tears. Although we look alike and share similarities their is a noticeable difference between my twin and I.
Official diagnosis: Anxiety and Depression In Kindergarten terms, that means My brain won’t shut off And sometimes I can’t remember How to be happy   It means that when I get home at night
1, 6, 44, 18, 3, 4, 17.7, 84, 40, 97, 15   First year, first day.   She wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to be a cute, innocent girl in a cute, innocent dress who inspired
The next four ears start here. Take a deep breath as you walk through the gray doors.
She is the living definition of what we all once were Of what we truly are inside. Her smiling face with a missing tooth Tugs at the rusted chains you ever so carefully tied long ago. An aroma of feelings
Lost in a dream world Unprediactable Tumbling through the unreality So real yet so far away   Temporarily lost in outrageous thoughts Don't let me fall Into the unconsciouss rythms of my heart
If you know the feeling of the warm sun peeping through your window, it means you’re blessed to feel a sensation.
People are mimics my hobby is making music/ A bunch of gimmicks they tried to refute it/ Refusing to give props to other rappers who influenced/ Next day make a beat used a sample from their music/ Stupid useless cluel
It’s kind of superficial for me to be writing a letter to myself when I’m only so young.
veined ovals lean against the hose with small puddles, guests: though one more a guest than the other   towards that end, and treading amongst the surface she plays the Body living, breathing spinning
I cry a lot, don't you? I trust people too easily I'm trusting you. I forget things a lot, don't you? I lie to people too easily I'm not lying to you.
The voices in my head Laughs and stalks Mocking their way to my heart   My heart has a door The key Jesus He is who opens and locks.   The voices in my head Laughed and stalked
They fed while I consumed expectations.
They say one job can change a life... My life? Firefighting, Teaching or Policing, Dancin or Writng, producing or preaching... All of these jobs can change a life but, what about mine?
Gemini, they tell me I am Throwing out words like Fickle, unpredictable, Uncontainable, unreliable Excitable, dynamic, Restless and mutable, a proper air sign indeed
Behind these eyes are hidden lies,That nobody has ever realized.But why hide between those hidden lies?There's no one really by my sideTired of wearin a paper bag, coverin up what's behind my smiles.
inhale and exhale our lungs never seem to fail why is it that breathing comes so naturally   if a speck of dust is in your eye although you’re not sad you’ll start to cry
Hey sweet thang. Are you from ten I see? Because you're the only Tennissee! Believe it or not, I was going to e-mail this pickup line to you this morning.  But I just couldn't.  What if you think I'm too straight forward?
It's like a baby sucking on his thumb or a toddler with his blanket; That's what i tell myself anyways. Or am i a prisoner; wearing my own self-imposed anklet. Could i, can i, should i let them see,
When I go through the drive thru, I always see you there When I roll down the window, I smell you here and there   All I eat is YOU No burgers, shakes, or nuggets   You are w
  Oda a La Danza Una Memoria Bella   Danza, danza, danza Hay mucha vida en sólo una palabra Vida les da a los bailarines O, danza danza danza
It’s not glamorous.
I am five feet tall and full of love And I believe that it’s plenty enough For if I am to die in a year or tonight I can die knowing I shined in someone’s life. I may be small but small is all I need
She is a lovely little dancing dollTrapped inside this embellished music boxTwist and turn the dial to hear her call
Some people view me to be as fragile as glass, Very fragile and not built to last, As if I'll shatter into pieces if something horrible were to happen to me, But they don't see,
Seeing the tip of a penglide effortlessly acrossthe surface of a paper,leaving a trail,turning nothinginto somethinggiving birth toa piec of art
The thing I would change  Falling in love with her She loves me for me She has captured my heart  And  she is an amazing person to be with   I hade back all my feeling for  some I love
We're Just Kids Life as a young child,  I was always free and wild. Playing on a slide,
Uncertainty is the life I am choosing, but is it not what I requested and demanded? Need knowing is not wanting, is not hoping. Where I end is where I choose, and what I love is what I choose.
I'm not a perfect boy. My hair doesn't always stay gelled up & my clothes don't always match. I'm pretty clumsy & sometimes I have a broken bone. My sister & I sometimes fight & some days nothing goes right.
I walk around the world, confused as a youth, I wonna be successful,
Not everyone has had the best life, Just like not everyone has had a bad one. I had to get my emotions right, It was time to no longer run. I don't complain anymore, Even though i know its not fair.
It seems as though we have forgotten. Forgotten what it was that we fought for. Forgotten how far we have come and still have ways to go.
Trying to survive, in different situations. Situations similar to everyone else, but handled differently.
An acquaintance questioned, why did you pick college? “Get a job”, then it’s one after another Measured improvement, advancement of knowledge It’s not essential for a single mother?  
You are my saving grace. The one who has showed me hope and belief, The one who took my hand and led me the way,
Behind the desk, you shake inside your Palm is sweaty, Your voice is rough as a board. You close your eyes And there you'll find a girl with her music.
Look at me and what do you see?A girl like any other.But once you take a deeper lookyou'll notice I'm quite unique.I lived through trials and heartachesFew have seen before.
One more breath, taking it in. No holding back as I reach for your hand.
To be honest, I absolutely hate myself. My frizzy hair, my jiggly arms, my protruding belly. I hate the way I need make up to  actually feel like I am allowed to exsist.  My stretch marks,
We act for goodness Though we are evil people We are our actions.
The anger burning when I hear your name
Dear Dad, You know how much I miss you, But being a good father to your kids had always been an issue, Mom used to say that you were just a drug addict,
“I am, I am, I am.” Oh Sylvia, with your words of gold and your thunderstorm heart;  She whispered her poetic harmonies to me with her dead eyes and trembling hands.  
Looking into his eyes I see the pain
I am a living computer I survive on electricity I read sound waves and light waves I have motion sensors, proximity sensors, and heat sensors installed I can analyze chemicals, airborne and otherwise
I  swear I get tired of reading that same sad story every time I look in the mirror My beautiful God given skin now covered in scars Like braille printed on human flesh because paper would not suffice
Imagination is freedom from the world It is happiness in the darkest of times Has no restrictions, on perfection or non-perfection Instead it is blind, leading you to unknown dimensions
In the begining we were all the same Men and women with out a name But, differences made us who we are Characteristics, colors, and all In the end we weren't meant fit in to one frame  
Does any man 
“what are you?”
Memories of failed fantasies, fill his mind, pushing him to the edge, where the darkness, just isn’t enough anymore.
What do I want to do in life? A question everyone ask me and I have no answer to.
Medical school.Wait, what?What kind of weirdo writes a poem about medical school?Only those who are bold enough to try to make the cut.
So Dream Away By Elizabeth Dresdow   What is a Mind? What makes up a mind? Does it have infinite possibilities?
When I look at you I often wonder if I am acctually dreaming,
Matthew 7:12. Do unto others whatsoever you would like them to do to you. Why is this concept so HARD to comprehend?
Silent Speech
I walked with her to the beach Her beauty can be compared to the reflection of the sun off the moon;
What makes me tick         When I look into her eyes I understand what must be done. When I look into her eyes I see the truth. When I rock her to sleep I know what I must do.
Normal It was being nice and standardizing yourself to fit in But there she sat in her worn out old navy boot legged jeans With her eyes on the board and some ink machine in her hand
Warmth all to your toes Like a cozy cup of tea A blanket of sleeves     (poetry slam tag)  speak your mind slam
We now have the ability to, accidentally swallow 32 GB worth of memories, but some of us don't have the ability, to stop judging   It's now 2014, and people are still scared to,
Devour. Ingest. Consume.  I am a moster that is always hungry. Hungry for stories. I crave them with my whole being. The twists, the turns, the emotions they stir Sustain me.  Keep me alive.
I wonder when it all changed….
What does it mean to be unique? They tell me it's just being yourself. How do I fight oblivion? Shouldn't I know these things. I have to amount to something. I need to be different,
I am me. Me is who I am. Intraspaced and docile I began. Through objectivity and compensation I have span Internalization to who I am.
The soft
Lay me down in a field of wild flowers, Take me away with your magical powers. To a place where there is no pain, To a place where there is no hurt. A place where I can be free,
There she goes What does her life show She is happy and she smiles But when she goes home, it only lasts for a while
I can love you now. I can love you when I walk alone on a crowded street. I can love you when I sleep in bed by myself each night. I can love you when I wake up and drink coffee for one.  
one job may save my life  save me from the mockery of being a writing major  end all doubts about me  that funny joke people make when you're a writing major, art major, theatre major
Cry little girl.Run and hide.Huddle back into your trenchesWhere the voices lieAnd tell youThat it's safeTo sleep.
My fingers tell a story as they run Sprinting across the paper
I am obsessive,
Yo, My pops hit the intersection, with his leathal weapon On my mother with a birth out of pure unintention And I understand regression, a deep misconception
I write words simple sayings and annunciated actions I speak for myself For those too quiet to even whisper For those who've been sick In the mind or sick In the body
I don't rhyme, and I certainly don't reason.  I don't like pasta or milk, I don't want to hold your hand, Or talk about feelings.   I am not pretty or ugly, Or jealous or smart,
Cool as a summer's breeze you leave me feeling refreshed with such ease. My dearest is funny,witty, and even a little silly..these qualities, or traits, or whatever you may call them
I like to think of life like a pie. On the outside, you see this flaky, buttery crust, Perfectly risen with a golden-brown dome. Normally there’s some kind of gooey fruit filling inside it,
High school, the tomb of all emotions. Gangsters, thugs, nerd, Jocks, and Leveled Teens. Earning their way into things to make life out of this tomb of knowledge. Gangsters learn Math for the money and honeys.
I have been waiting on my forever, and i have found forever in your eyes. They could not fathom this, however, but in your eyes, i could see the sunrise. I am looking for a story to unfold, 
Hands hold the dried petals; My hands. These petals are a bubble of water droplets that with one wrong touch flood the surface. One touch could be danger— The end.   And so I don’t touch them much,
Verse 1: Dear God, how you been? how you doing? Can you intervene? We need some help and some improvement Girls are getting pregnant by the age of thirteen  And boys will stick it anywhere, even if it ain't clean
Decades of campaigning, Protesting, boycotting, and rioting, And still my pockets are too small, While their's can hold a small dog. Maybe even a large cat.
Of all the things that make me tick For a big wad of cash There is but one I must pick After much mental hash.  I was born from cautious minds   Where money is an excuse
"I left first  But we were still together Always messaged you Love was in every letter Things fell south The further that we got I tried to pick it up
You apply to college believing you can pursue your dreams But you apply without understanding their many schemes. Higher education is a privilege not a right So I don't understand why I constantly have to fight.
  I havedreams are thse dreams that are trying to kill me   Each dream is based off a different memory It's never the good ones but only the bad
  I havedreams are thse dreams that are trying to kill me   Each dream is based off a different memory It's never the good ones but only the bad
Time It ticks away so sly Like a zipping fly Running to the sky In search of the sun   The pressure sets me On fire Cooking my mind Until I lie And stand by
Into my mind you dare take a venture, differences between us besides just gender. It lies well beneath the center, but you couldn’t chew on these thoughts with titanium dentures.
Dizzy while confused on this planet called Earth. Born a boy but raised into a man....I have to show my worth. There are so many problems with this twisted up world. I honestly think that this society is curled.
I make lines They represent reality It becomes harsh The lines do too They see it as pain Angst Loneliness Stop looking with your eyes They only obscure
Water, air, and wind. You are sitting on this Earth alive, breathing every second of every minute. There's one of you. You have a heart. Can you hear it? It's pumping blood, working every second of every minute. 
to A. Stevens Go back to a time where you and I were close. Go back to the late nights of 1980s horror and modern zombies. A time where the smell of cigarettes
Love is like a light that shines through an object, a prism.As it shoots its light at what seems to be a plain, transparent glass, or plastic..
Yeah, you had me there for a whileYou had me on my kneesYou took my glow and my pretty smileIt was my body but you had the keysI felt completely dead back thenI couldn't even laugh
Everyone is a gallery in a glass room. The display cases and shelves are thick glass, And every aspect of who we are is glass figurines- Fragile glass figurines. We keep them packed up tightly,
Everyone is a gallery in a glass room. The display cases and shelves are thick glass, And every aspect of who we are is glass figurines- Fragile glass figurines. We keep them packed up tightly,
Walking by midnight,  in the middle of the day,  I thought to myself how to be existing is for the better of the mind,  How can I endure every moment I'm lost I'm deep
My childhood was spent outside.
Eyes searching hungrily Viewed as meat and an object Who am I to object? Who am I to say no? I have no say in what is 'right' for me to do I must know my place
Fifty blissful years had passed the couple by, the world never ceasing to smile upon them: every second, each tick and tock, capturing some moment to be treasured.   They sat together on a swinging bench,
How It Happened   He had a friend Who had a girlfriend Who was amazing. He wanted to impress Her,
what makes me tick is what is makes my mom sweat Everytime I see her come home at 1 a.m., I know that I need to do something so she doesn't have to work into her golden years
Frivolous Lawsuit is the name of the game Your coffee too hot? Oh guess you better sue From lonely and desperate to rich Miss Fame You slipped on ice? Guess its the city's fault too
Believe Kay, BelieveTook a second to speakIf I was nervous I would have grinded my teethGot the urge to grab the courage out of meTo live, laugh, and love
The scent that fills the room with a new day
I am Drawing, writing, emotions I like the expression of feelings. 
My dream job would be: a kid.   Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous. Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way. Experience may say differently to my choice, But first, hear what I have to say.   
I stare in envy at the school children around me This silence a curse I bear to keep I want to whisper I want to scream I want to shout I want to be But my words refuse to leave  
As I look up to you all I see is dissaproval, and I ask myself why. I try to make you laugh or even acknowledge me  and you don't even notice or care, and I ask myself why.
Normality is an understatement, it's cliche you see
Normality is an understatement, it's cliche you see
Oh say can you see why I'm so upset Our freedom of speech has become such a threat I’m not singing, at least not anymore Since all I’ve been taught is how to get the best score
Some people want to be billionares Or be on the cover of Forbes Magazine I want to help you take a breath of fresh air Give people sight who have never before seen, the wonders of our big, big world.   
The Republic is dying, tattered flags flying, whole nations are being consumed, Tribes of the meek hiding, Hordes of gangs chanting, and humanity doomed.  
My Kind Of LifestyleWhen it’s a passionit’s a lifestyle.It’s what you know best.It’s something you do every day -and it never gets old.Being able to communicate is powerful.
So many things, Too much pain, Nothing ever changes, Until it's addressed, And plain.   Complications vary, Theres nothing you can do, But what if there is, You ask,  
I wouldnt change anything, be happy with how thing are, autonomy its the reason for life.
I wouldnt change anything, be happy with how thing are, autonomy its the reason for life.
With you, my friend, we spent a full day exploring our city And I can't even begin to describe the tingling that is still surging its way through my body as I lay awake in bed.
I look at all us humans and see how small we are compared to god who  looks down on us we look like DNA and rods He thinks to himself as so do i we can be something more We can look to the future and have a job 
There was a criminal along the pilgrimage, nicknamed the "Escapee", who had taken advantage
During the ticks of his personal clock, the observant pupil has gazed in the nighttime sky Towards that solid star as his source of inspiration.
An animator Inspiring young and old
  Love your neighbor as you love yourself What if everyone lived by that rule? What would it change in this world? Greed for money and jewls Maybe even politicians  would stop their scheming  
do we have equality? i'd say no why can't my sister marry her fiance?but my cousin is going into marriage #5 why do i have no idea how to come out? and my straight sister never had to
What is love if it can't be shared? Love is for all people. For you and me. For him and her. For her and her. For him and him. Marriage is for all people. For you and me.
 You Ask Who/ What Am I I am the girl that will chage thousands minds and make the economy green The girl that will makes sure our comuity is a better place to live
There's a repetitiveness in what I call my life Still that same tape from yesterday Unwinding overtime and sleeping late I'm a walking zombie trying to make a change So wake me up and watch me phase  
I have a dream, I have a dream that one day I will change the world one click at a time. I have a dream that my career will lead down the path of graphic design.
To San Francisco, Iceland, etc. In another life, I will write this in the French language In another life, I will write this in a language that doesn’t exist
The one job,  that can change it all,  with the help of God,  I can embrace the fall.
Creative expression is all I see, but how can it be, for the world to see? To see the world that I do see, I create my world for thee. Poly by poly my world takes shape, My stories, my dreams, my fantasies create.
change of the heart and mind
change of the heart and mindto kill the negative within and finally findthe part thats been missing within me all alongan flurry of elegant notes inside,the hearts song
  No Compassion  
Often at times, in contrast to our modern times, we notice the decompose of souls,break from grace, in others. These walk among us, unnverved, unnoticed, but stand out ideologically.
My dream job would consist of me traveling, using good judgment of character, and maintaining my code of ethics. I want to become a Human Resource Manager.
One big break By Jacob Harris Wright      To wake up every morning to roll out of bed a jewish kid from long island  with only dreams in his head   I wanna make people feel
Every Sunday morning 
A job can change your life Just a single one Where you flip enough burgers to pay for school Or scrub enough counters to buy a car But a job will change more lives than just yours
Tell me about forever And tell me about your lies Promise me today And tell me your goodbyes Tell me about eternity, and all the ways you've loved. Tell me about the end, and what we should've done.  
Our generation will be known For nothing valuable We worship tangability Money over matter
Change is a thought that more often than not will ceaselessly remain a thought. What we would change about the world, or others,
If I could borrow a mind,
To change just one frown   fill one stomache   is all I can try to do.   To give one blanket   for one warm night  
If all the world's a stage   in the theatre I play the creator   not in any way mysteriously    but through grueling work  
Scream Slam Wrap the words together Here me out Please I can't forget or forgive the memories You gave to me This may sound bad but it's not Living with regrets 
Think of me   A person with the power to create a whole new world an escape
You will leave me, they always do.You will leave me, alone too . You will leave me, and I won't cry. You will leave me without goodbye. You will leave me, it will hurt at first. You will leave me feeling cursed.
A great escape for many, a sublime way to create yourself.
If I could change one thing One thing in the whole world I would change my parent’s relationship They are divorced and happy with their separate lives While I am content with my life I know it can be better
CIVIL…RIGHTS….What are civil rights? Social and universal privileges that are to be commonly shared and available to all, Regardless of your race, sex, social economic statuses the privileges are yours to claim.
If I could take the whole wide world and change one single thing I would erase all the pain that Domestic Violence brings
We are given, only one body, to treat any way we wish.We are given one purpose, to define, why it is we each exist;Given such range of emotion, entangled in life's passionate kiss.
I realized -- I was trying to assimilate her Traditional Reserved Modest Polite
I'm speaking in simple rhyme so you can hear my messageToo many songs sung and rapped about the sex messageDrugs and love don't mix, don't you know that?
I threw thoughts at paper, words made them stick.
A kaleidoscopic land where the people smile white Glimmering green from the emeralds buried deep Dusky brown from the grainy coffee beans Fluorescent purple from the fresh blooming orchids
It starts before she gets here before the stairs tell her she's alien to a country that knows her great grandfather’s Mexican hands all too well his finger prints still echo underneath rail road tracks and cotton fields where bent knees and bent
Trudging home from another lonely day Is there anything that can make this feeling go away? Stomp up the stairs and flop on the bed Try to ignore the pounding in my head  
A vision of hate, remains as paint, on my eye. And now my vision is tainted by the visions of other men. And then. By the eye being the window to the soul;
In my mind, there's an empty room Void of light, of sound, Of any outside connection, I only have the faintest memory Of what it used to be An echo of despair, and loneliness,
I want to make a difference.  I want to help others. I want to make an impact on the lives of others. I want to help. Let me help. I could change the world. I can change the world.
It is hard to see Through the web I have woven
  In spring, a tender breeze blows through green fields.  Blessing new lives, a breeze removes your fear.
  Her pastel blue dress flowing like a river, cascading down her legs. The moon light, casting an iridescent glow  on her already tanned skin. His suit, black like the night sky above
I have lost my mind. I dropped down to my knees and screamed "Help Me." but I was all alone.
Looking in the mirror again, Remind my-self to see. The person looking through to me, Is more than just skin deep.
  She will never come back She is gone for good I wanted to change her fate I wish I could I remember seeing her die slowly
You wake in a daze, unsure of your fate. You feel afraid, in a rather strange state.   Where am I, you wonder aloud. How did I get to NYC, as you hurry through the crowd.  
The voice isn't coming from vocal chords
The windows open On a bright spring day Sound of men shouting “I’ll lead the way!”   He sits in a perch
People die; it’s the circle of life You choose our path and we follow it Family and friends are sad, but the deceased shall be happy
You say my movement is not needed. But I will tell you I will keep going until I'm not left for dead, fucked and beaten.
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
When I was young my father would tell me That upon the night of my sixteenth birthday, I’d become One of two things: A werewolf or a vampire—He didn’t know which But it was in my blood, he said.
We were friends once Then something changed You saw me as more
How come you didn't include what I had in my mind in your essay? You had enough time to cover thirty years of history, in thirty minutes   How come you do not have the answer?
I enter his room with excitement Yet he leaves the room with BS He claims I'll get a BS And I agree,   I haven't learned anything Except that pessimists are realists 
I've lost all care So much indifference now I just want to be done i don't care why or how   You don't understand What this means to me This doesn't affect What I want to be  
why cant i tell my teacher that  there are more important things than the square root of 247 or that she should truly open her mind and teach us to do the same?
The girl in front of me I wait until she turns around The moment she blesses me with her beauty Is it true love that I have found Or is it that I just lust for another Is it her smile Is it her laugh
Yes you do a lot for us But do you really care that much? To help your students find their way Assist them with their future days? Teachers, counselors, principals too Will you help us with our future? 
She had hopes and dreams. She had family. She had friends. One vulnerable moment, and it changed her life forever. Next thing she knew, she was somewhere, someplace, surrounded by strangers.
I walk into the classroom and look around. I see bare, ugly walls. I sit down in a stiff desk, and my back begins to ache. I look at the students. On my left, there is a stuck up girl with blond hair.
Seventeen years and not one tear shed.
Your eyes are too small for your face and you look like you should be peering out from behind a stall in a highway rest stop 20 miles away from anything. You made my friend,
What is love? Who can I ask? Is loving someone really just a simple task? I believe love is rare and love can be kind, But beware, is it true? You can tell only in time.
  Starlit Love   The lump of laughter sits soundlessly Caught up within my throat The atmosphere feels so alive Filled with my heartsong’s note On this night the world’s aglow
Restrained by anxietylike cuffs welded to walls.Escape was impossible—until I learned my purpose.With a pen and paper,I can loosen the cuffs—to conquer the world.Courage and determination
No box cover referenceand no one to helpwith thousands of piecesidentically shapedbut never looking like they belong.
Don’t be foolish, Sweetie. Society will tell youwho you should be.Hollywood says sex appealis more valuablethan your own soul.
Mami found a picture of us today.You were smiling as five year old mekissed your cheek.I want to smile, but all I can dois dwell on how cruel I could be to you.I wish I could tell nine year old me
Surroundings uninspiring—lost in a mind’s abyss,Euterpe distraught and limp.Notes tumbled from her flutetoo soft to echo, too lameto provoke a response.Only when sought her sisters’ help.
You have an opportunity to be so great, To make your students have a passion for what you believe to be important.
Will we ever need this in life? Pointless subjects stabbed in our brain like a sharp knife. If education is the key to success, Why those with an education remain jobless?
Accepted. “In the loop”. Everyone wants to feel that way That’s why people look at their phones 34 times a day They never put their headphones away It feels so nice to have something to say That’s why . . .
I can see right through the fog, The mist that seems to be blinding everyone’s eyes. Don’t fade into the shadows, The shadows of these hallways, Making people fake, hiding like you.
Ojos tan grande y hondo, no supieras de que  Corre en mi mente o lo que veo Camino con cauteloso pasos  Mi cabeza esta coagulado de los tiempos pasados  Estoy a punto de reventar  El bosque, la naturaleza, es mi santuario  Esta tierra es mío para
  I know you struggle to contain the class I struggle to contain my temper I value my education I treasure your teachings I do my best every day I listen when you talk
The altar stands merely a few yards away from me.I sit in the middle and look at my son Reeve.To my right are my father,mother and husband.To my left are my son, sister and niece.
You brought me from darkness into the light focusing now on the right path rather then a crooked dead end. Trying to turn away from sin. You have never stopped loving me from with in.
Dear teacher, You've had many, many years of education 'tis wonderful, isn't it? That's what makes it such a shame, then that you're are without a doubt the stupidest person
I know you're a grad studentand you already learned the materialbut clearly you cannot teach itand I want to learn it too
It started with an invitationWhen you asked me if I knew how to slow danceI mistook it as a way to make fun of me
Writing is something to do. When sad or happy. You can be you. Write what you wait. No one will see. You can be you no matter who you are. Love, laughing, caring, and crying. Throughout everything you can express yourself no matter what.
The theatre is small and close and everyone inhales everyone elses' laughter and tears and the cheering makes me wonder if we were all friends in another life, or if we've just become friends because of now.
They ask me why I write? I have to turn and smile. I write for many things, even the things I kept in denial. It is not the expression of love, happiness, depression, or emotion. I write because I need to scream.
Everyone's telling me I should ask her out, I think about her daily, I wonder if this means I like her, Will it ruin our friendship, Will she even want me, Tis better not to ask,
A rare beauty awaits before me, The creature is of no other, Yet she doesn't see it, The beauty from her being, She plays down her gem likeness, She is like a shinny bright diamond,
I have seen the path less taken, And really it's not all that, It's simple really, And always light, But there is scarcity of food or drink, If this is the path to take should I sooner die,
Pressure and questioning My rational thought process Is lessening Instead of learning from lessons You want me to memorize Knowing this theorem won't make me more wise
My hand, yes it hurts but my mind hurts more. Why do I write you ask? Because I can't go back to how I was before.  I can't afford to be that girl Who feels the need to end it all.
It’s the end of summer, 2005A little girl stands amidst a seaof strangers, flowing around her,unobstructed. A thousand voicesmutter around her tiny, ten year-oldform but her voice, no matter how small,
I    the yarn, atlantic-tinged blue  and sword-hilt gold  was born from her  crepe-plastered skin, trailing from  her fingernails like  silk woven from the clouds   II  
From the way my hands shake in your presence The butterflies in my stomach go chaotic The spell you put on me is pure magic I can't believe this is happening this very moment With the river living
Poetry is useful. It's for the rich man and the poor man. For the man who cannot see,  and the man who cannot hear.   It's for the man who has no voice, and for the man with plenty of one.  
My hands can belt out all the words I wouldn't even dare whisper stanza upon stanza filled with feelings, allowing emotions to gasp for breath after being under so long beneath the tongue, beneath the skin
A tree.           A rock. A laugh.            A smile. So ordinary, and yet so charged With meaning, breathing depth and life and pain. I look.          I gaze. I blink.
Not writing is like not being able to be heard. Not writing is never being listened to. Not writing is trying to scream underwater. Not writing is standing on a stage but being invisible.
My ink flows like the surface of our ocean-front views,I make waves when my mind surfs but will this make the news?My aim is at our built-up walls of sanity.We mask the truths of this world but I welcome us to reality.
The world is constantly changingalways unstable.
Words are spelled differently in languages I don't speak, but they all mean the same when they're about you. Words are just tiny black lines and curves, but attached they become the things you used to say to me, too.
Slowly fading, soaking into the dark dim wall That once held the ingredients to aid mankind. You realize: everything was for nothing. No time. It’s all an illusion.
The lie they told spread like wildfire, burning precious truth in its flames. All too soon it found its spot upon my doorstep. Careless control, I saw its destruction:
The black dress swirls when she spins. It follows her movements and seems to know exactly where she wants to go. It knows where she’s been and where she is destined to visit. The little girl’s favorite dress is her paper.
(poems go here)
(poems go here)
Hello University, College life, where it all gets real; The best years of your life! Are they, really?
Choosing misperceptions, Misconstruing and impeding my attempts At intellectual self-betterment. Creating notions for myself, falsely, Of the worlds fabricated and lives changed By my brush.
There are faces swimming in your vision Memories you'd much rather forget Nightmares in the daytime Tears you always regret They taunt you with their freedom The injustice of reality
(CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any plan for after tonight? (CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any bed to take slumber till morn comes? (CHIME – rings the bell)
I read about these people These wonderful, beautiful souls I wonder how I'm supposed to muster Up the courage to make my own.
Hiding in a mug Or crawling under a rug, Is the life of a bug. Things are so snug, And slow paced like a slug, That is the life of a bug. Stuck in a jug, Full of countless drugs.
Here you go, stuck in the undertoe. This isn't a beach, though, but a life. Flail your arms about and you may get out. Don't do it and you will become your own foe
Nigger, to me, sounds like nooses and hangings. It sounds like, "Whites Only," and "No Coloreds Allowed." It sounds like, "we shall overcome" marches - like overcoming was the only thing my people knew how to do.
I have many scars, most you can see. Like the one on my shoulder or the one on my knee. But the ones you can't see, hurt most of all. You can't get one of them from just a fall. But by seeing family crying,
Teach them about the past so they won't be ignorant.
(poems go here) A nation with an obsession of freedom An obsession that was hypocritical Tragedy that freedom required martyrdom Only unified can we keep it from being cyclical
I stare out of the bus window at the bleakest of scenes As the Israelites stared at the Egyptian desert My thoughts are interrupted by the gruffest of voices Demanding Waiting That I move I will stay
Timidly I walk into a diner for lunch As they look at me funny like I don’t belong Scowling their faces because we are different races Thinking we are obsolete beings marked by black faces
Freedom? Is that something we can really say we have? No. Our minds are trapped in the past Holding hatred against those who harmed our great ancestors. When really we are holding ourselves back from being truly free
They walked to school heads held high not knowing what awaited them but they had to try What you see are nine black faces, walking forward towards a crowd full of hatred. They
From the back of the bus To the front of the class, No doubt such hate and fuss Could ever last
Crushed ant hills smashed into the earth By large and clumsy feet Only I see the tiny lives being changed By the feet not caring whose world is crushed Only I see the remnants of homes lined in sidewalk cracks
All we became A broken, vulnerable world Fragmented memories, desires, a spark Going around in circles we twirl Put my everything into this dream Let the sparks turn into a fire, burn
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