Innocence Lost: A Little Red Riding Hood Retelling

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 23:17 -- adeity

When she was a little girl

Without her cloak

Without her crimson-red shield

She was innocent, full of light, full of life


They say she lost her grandmother

To a bloodthirsty werewolf

And that only through her cunning

Did she survive


They are all lies

Lies she has spun

Lies that she has told

To protect herself


She never had a grandmother

But she tells everyone anyways

“My grandmother was murdered...”

They believe her lies and offer sympathy


The truth is that

She was taken, stolen, snatched

By a grey streak in the night

Illuminated by the full moon


The truth is that

She was turned, converted, changed

Into the creature of her nightmares



Now during full moons

She locks herself away

So she may spare

Just one more life, one more soul, one more innocent


She is angry

She is furious
She is resentful

She is irate


Now the tables have turned

Now she steals through the woods

Now she lures them to their deaths

To avenge her lost innocence


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