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I live
Underneath your tongue twisting telltale truths
Your tongue tapering tough trickeries
Your tongue enveloping the cold cream cone condoning your childhood
When the package of life is filled to the brim with
Suffocating styrofoam curled around air.


I live
Like an extension of that beating mass within your chest
Which dribbles at every expiration date and flutters when you touch it -- when you touch it -- because


I am the wisps of who
You are when eyes flicker to another
Another servant to the stream of consciousness wiring us to conform
To reproduce the code which keeps us uniform


Like thread, thin and bare
I invert myself when you


When the words in your mouth
Are caught
Like fish in farms
Like dye around a clammy hand
Like a wasp in a glass


I am poetry


And I live because secretly,
You need me to.


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