I luh God ...He is awesome

Everyone can say a million different things that are awesome to them

Those opinions are solid precious diamonds and gems…..

My God is Awesome, He can move mountains…

That’s most important to me…

Because hypothetically, without him there's no WE!!!

Many people disagree and I can never fathom WHY??

You can live the best of life, but everyone has to DIE!

The after life is a mystery that I don’t want to understand…

*Moment of Silence* (R.I.P to the beautiful Sandra Bland)

One thing about God He wont Judge until the end..

He will judge us on the SIN..

Not the color of our SKIN..

All those opinions I mentioned

  wouldn’t exist without God..


  Not my intention!!

Just trying to win a scholarship, go to college

And blossom

  I could go on and on stating FACTS

On why God is AWESOME!!!

God is Awesome

We Are Awesome

Everything is Awesome

The End!!! 

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My community
Our world
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