The Third Side of a Coin

A coin has two sides,

one side heads, the other side tails.

It should be clear that one of two sides will face up

when the coin is flipped

I learned that when I was 5.


But what if by chance, there was a third side?

A side that, although hides,

Will have far more of an effect on outcomes

Than the two sides that we bet on

One side the right one,

The other side the wrong one


Life isn't all black and white,

Whether it's wrong or right,

Heads or tails,

Red or blue

You get it, you!


Up until I was 16 I assumed life was all heads or tails

Never much thought about a gray zone,

the third side of a coin.

Until family shake ups came about,

until I found love in what was a hopeless place,

(That is a reference I am glad to embrace),


The third side of the coin is the paradox side,

The rights can be wrong

and the wrongs can be right,

it depends on what comes to light

and changes life as it moves along


M'lady has the right heart

but she had the wrong desires,

My family was worried over her,

Until I helped in doing my part,

Saving her heart by offering her a new start


I too had become associated wtih the third side of the coin,

Wanting to be a showman of the arts,

Yet having fear in making it start,

the third side has contradictions to be sure


Now I stand at 18, a young man

No longer aware of the head or the tail of a coin

Rather, I wish to disect the third side,

The body, which links the strength to the mind,

Legs to the head.


This gray zone is hard to grasp, but here I am holding tight to it

So take it upon yourself to flip a coin,

look at your life from a different window,

and if it's neither heads or tails

Then you have found the third side of the coin.

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