How Does One Judge?


Slave away for happiness

Slave away from happiness



How does one Judge,

what is the reality,

when all is opposed,

so effectively?


Bring me the apotheosis,

end the absurdism.

Become The Champion,

begin parasitism.


How does one judge,

where is the Yin Yang?

If so inclined,

they act to interrobang.


We wish for clairvoyance,

but where does that lead us?

How does one judge,

but just to mislead us?


Kill the man that passes,

bring him to his knees.

Or rather bring him mercy,

but where would that lead?


From one to one point one.

one point one to one point two.

Does it become a paragon,

or an unending legerdemain?


Despite an epiphany,

Despite a cry,

Despite the modernization

Do you ever ask why?


Bring us your best.

Leave your worst.

Can you gawk disconnected?

or is your gawk unreal?


It will never stop.

But will it ever end?

but why would it?

How could it?

How does one judge?

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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