No Compassion


Growing up I heard often that “sharing is caring.” Which is true but sharing can also be daring. You dare to love? Dare to be open? Dare to look above of all the harmful things unspoken?  But I care so I share. Maybe I share too much. Maybe you don’t share enough. I give everything I can to an open hand. But why does that same hand I show love with  hurts me in the end. Showing me you were never a true friend. Because in my community its survival of the fittest.  And in all honesty I’m not so fit so I usually the last to finish. We push each other down before pulling each other up. Some of our parents didn’t have a care in the world so how could we possibly give one?  So competitive but for what? So eager to nail me down before my first attempt to get up. We don’t listen to one another. We’ll disrespect someone’s mother, but when the tables have turned we’ll be the first one to burn. So quick to judge a person without a glance at our own reflection. Talking each other down because in our minds we are perfection. But we’re not even close to that because as a community we shouldn’t act like this. But we pay attention to the wrong things so it’s the right message that we miss. But we don’t know so we don’t care, just ignorant. So we don’t care, we don’t care. But if it were up to me we’d all care. Love and listen to one another. Treat each other as we are as sister and brother. Pulling each other up without a thought of kicking each other down. Keeping each other up so we can never touch the ground.  We’ll be united as one. Helping each other strive till we all have won. Sharing is care so let share our knowledge, food, clothes. Whatever it takes to make it.  If it was up to me it was be more faith. If it were up to me it would be less hate. If it were up to me it would be more peace. If it were up to me we’d be a successful community. If it were up to me we would all be there. If it was up to me we’d treat each other fair. If it was up to me we would all share. Leave it up to me and we would all care.



Mafi Grey

Love the format of writing and the passion behind it. I feel the same way that we need to help each other, be united, stop the hate, and begin the loving. This was really good, so keep up the work and maybe both of our words will eventually affect everybody e way we feel.


thank you i really appreciate the feedback and hopefully our words can eventually affect everyone <3

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