The Youth

I'm speaking in simple rhyme so you can hear my message
Too many songs sung and rapped about the sex message
Drugs and love don't mix, don't you know that?
So many of us get caught up
wrapped up in the game and shot up
Wake up, young America
Realize the plans for ya
Apologies if I'm wrong- wait, I know I'm not
Always been on the outside looking in, outcast from the basic
I'm blessed with a bleeding heart for the traces
Of an over-evolved race
Or is it under?
That keep the underprivileged needy where the rich stay greedy
Twerking is easier than teaching
And a four year old child is more understanding than the government
Gay rights has never been at the summit
Of such a misunderstood platform, built idly on the backs of battling sides
Democrats vs. Republicans
Forget that, I'm on mine
We've built so much upon revenue we've forgotten about reality
How to reach out a hand to my sister that's calling me
America, what have we done?
Our democracy  torn to shreds, no longer something to be respected
Pure stupidity is to be expected
From the people at the top, no longer in position
To rule upon things so it benefits the sea we are all fish in
It makes me feel so unimportant thinking of how little can be done,
But in the battle for change, my message is step one.



I love this. This is the truth and i can relate, maybe from a different perspective, but i can. It's amazing knowing that other poeple see things this way and I'm mind blown at how no one ever seems to care about these things. All i  gotta say is keep writing how you feel because this has true meaning and emotion put into it and that's what makes it so powerful. Well done dude

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