An Absence of Love

I am born.

And pass through a system white and holy.

The juxtaposition of sickly green and healthy, blush red.

The devil’s advocate, weapon of deception.


Those precious vocal chords rest,

Voice made of honey that made even the Jay bow.

Voice too sweet to refuse, something as tempting as she.

Frail, shaking hand embraces another in a shake of victory.


Eve took the apple, and gained the knowledge of man’s fall.

Fell as I fall, poison a generation, poison a love

That might have conquered age itself.

But love is not always beautiful.


Love is not clean and neat, heart coming to a stop.

Love is not a mirror, opal of perfection.

Love is not the slide of the forbidden apple’s juice

Down a throat slick with the warmth of a beggar’s pity.


Love I have none.



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