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A platform for Thespis and song,  I would like to thank the stage.  A barrier from audience and wrong,  I would like to thank the curtain.  A guide off the stage and on,  I would like to thank the lights. 
What happens when a window becomes bare? Deprived of lonely security- Which normally was aided by dull, pitiful curtains, Will it survive the prodding of light infiltration?
Upon a mid-summer afternoon The curtains find release Dancing with the wind Fluttering with the breeze Silent
Why even try? Constantly feeling the need to get their approval and for what? Praise? Recognition? Why is it that you go out of your way for them, after everything? An apology?
I am passionate. When I love something, it is more than love; it is a clawing, aching, inescapable need for more of it. I love movies, a lot.
Facebook, Twitter, the 'Gram It's all make believe, like a fairytale People will go to the 'Gram,
I am weak.My skin is crisscrossed with
All my life I have been unwrapped My ribs glossy-exposed My lips made of glass They have told me to learn And I have taught myself to listen While ignoring what is important
Walking in the hall of high school, masses of students passing you by. Some recognized you and wanted to compliment your stylish clothing.
In a world of darkness I can’t pull back the curtain,             The truth is for certain but offence is a burden--- to some             So I hold onto the curtain.            
I have been writing for almost a decade now and what I’ve learned Is that poetry is damn dangerous, But it is the only safety I’ve ever found in my life.
Who hides behind this mask of mine,  The one given at birth so fine, The one who wishes to fit in, Yet identity sticks like a pin.    Through dance she moves effortlessly,
Mirror, Mirror. you can see me, but can you hear me?   Please tell me you're not like them, you don't just see what's on the outside, you can hear me.   You know me,
What were we all waiting for?
I hide behind a mask of hurt, insecurity and rejection. Maybe its because I was never a boy's first selection, not having an hour glass figure really killed  
The real me is like the real you. Sitting behind the scratched, glass pane         separating us, In our once a week, twenty-minute-monitored conversation. As we speak through the coils of a half-
It’s too easy to fake a smile, force a laugh, say “I’m doing well”   It’s too easy to go with the flow, to become clichés, to rely on autopilot.   It’s too easy to slather on foundation,
For personal use
Beauty comes from the roots
You ask me if my personality lies behind a curtain, I am sorry to inform you for that I am not certain.
  I am not being Only a swelling soul that lies within
I don't know what you see But is it really me I hide behind so many different things Sweats on the regular Books are more interesting Very few friends Because I am no means to an end
The sun is rising. It’s time for another day I get up Put on my mask Pull the curtains shut Start playing the hologram. There’s a person moving across the stage
  In my mind, there is never sleep Thoughts are what create I want to be loud Louder than I am And I am loud I wish people could feel my love Without misinterpreting it
Walking thru those double doorsThe real me is at t
It surrounds me. It consumes me. The black fog that fills my mind.   It only comes when I'm at my lowest. It knows when it's welcome. That's the problem, I welcome it. With open, raw arms.
You apologize for everything—even though it’s not your fault.
My life has been full of secrets My thoughts much protected My personality a big puzzle
This is what happens when I speak my mind. "All you do is complain all the time." This is why I can't be me. Because, you see, to me, my life is just not complete.
Curtain? What curtain? My face screams agony wherever I wander Between the lines of a soft smile And the Gap in my two front teeth I laugh, for the pain is too great
Day by day boisterous people walk my way I sit in classrooms with people who speak their minds Their confidence is so high they don't care what they say Oh how I wish I could be the same way
The world only sees What I want them to see The true me is a mystery I crumble behind the scenes   I smiled once today And it was a miracle, see, For the first time in months
 I am among those Who are made of glass Fragile, brittle,ready to Break
I remember how the shackles fit since I was three years old  and noticed that my brother had cars and I had an apron lined with  silver bars, they trapped my dreams they hid my screams under a noxious smell
Hidden Behind The Curtain   It's a masquerade ball monsters are beautified to all
I’m not supposed to call it mine My anxiety and depression isn’t supposed to be mine, I’m supposed to distance myself because somehow that helps.  Somehow saying it isn’t mine makes it okay
I melt in his gaze
I can't always pretend That I've got everything together, Showing no emotion like a man. I can't always wear a brave face When things plummet downhill. I want to disappear without a trace.
Open up the curtain suppressing the real you, Push back the boundaries. 
~a heart once so pure Heavy with burdens ~Smiles turn to gold Shy to break, soft to hold ~molded in flawless to be just flaws ~A heavy broken smile is all I am
Addicted. Insecure. Lonely. Boring. My curtain hides me keeps me from being hurt again. It hides how lonely I am How much I crave touch But I'm too afraid to reach out for it.
"come out", "come out and play, ive got muffins," They say
Walking down the hall The eyes staring me down I can’t let them see,
I hide behind many curtains along with anyone I've ever known its a paradox in the sense that we are all hiding who we are from people who are hiding who they are
Although it seems as if she screams and shouts
A stream of red lies on the ground, with the sound of my heart pound, pound, pounding. I want you to hear it, but shards are in your ears,  the scratching against the walls sound like your worst fears.
look into my eyes  you will see blue  look into my heart 
This prison wall, this masquerade drains life Every time I fall into it's trap. I all alone build barriers from strife, Though hurt inside I still force out a laugh   I paste a smile no matter what I feel
Underneath the mask I wear, shrouded by the darkness.
Do I know what I'm talking about? Am I filling myself with self doubt? As I wonder around an empty loft I feel a phantom cough; I do not know who I am I do not know what's going on
I look in the mirror I don’t expect what I see The reflection is not mine Looking so perfect With make-up, pretty hair And a fabricated smile The mirror of my soul Is so much deeper
Bringing out laughter Is what I am after Audience laughters Brings out the clown The clown who cheers To those who frowns   On the clown A smile is painted Upon the face  
What am I hiding? Not much, actually. But the question is: From myself, Or from others? I’m not insecure, And I’m comfortable with myself. I’m confident, But maybe that’s more
I hide behind the Curtain but People can still see if they look hard They will find me   I hide behind the Curtain When I want them to know What is bothering me What hurts now   
My mom likes to  think I'm just like her That I love crowds of people and constant noise That I love calling all attention to myself And that I like conflict My mom thinks I hide my real self from the world
My True Self   My true self is a lion A gorgeous one you see When she stands up fierce as well as tall
A structure alone Of jointed bones With a thin layer Of mortal beauty Fair skin and dark eyes Fair heart and dark mind Oh I pray that this Is all there's to me
Used to being left alone, Watching the sand turn to stone,
Scared of being judged by the wandering eyes. Society preaches the importance of diversity. Why do people feel the need to live a life of lies? Unaccepting glances create adversity.  
Hello, my name is SomeBody And this goes out to society and everybody that refused to let me be me Becaue yall led me to believe that I had to live up to the standards and expectations that yall and society told me had to be
Who’s that girl?   The one who always has her hand stretched up high in the air. Everyone knows that she has something to say, a comment, possible a question, or even a witty remark. She is so charismatic!  
A child hides behind his mother’s strength, It seems his fear has grown to impossible lengths.  Day after day, the strangers keep passing,
How come everytime i turn around People are worried about others opinion? How come everytime i turn around People are dying Dying cuz they are scared to be themselves Scared cuz the world is soo cruel
The face in the mirror The face in my mind The face they all see and the face that I hide none of them real but none of them fake   Society is the door and I should be the window
FakeA descriptor built from uncertainty and accusations  Tailored to those who do not fit regulations or expectations ­- freaks  Used by those who do not understand anyone and those who wish to understand themselves.    
Sweet and kind outside Still sweet inside Stll lingering is a desire for solitude Behind My Hidden Mask Passion as an artist The thirst of a scholar The pen of a writer Behind my Hidden Mask
Behind this mask, No one can tell, How I play this role so well,    Behind this mask, Things you would never believe, Stuff your eyes will never conceive,
Behind this curtain I stand Holding my hands out Palms up Asking silently for help But the words won’t escape my lips And the thought of asking slips my mind As the curtain rises.
This curtain is my protection, I need it to hide myself from the world. Paranoia and anxiety is a hard thing to hide, And it seems no one understands it.   To me I am sweet, To me I am kind, 
Everyone knows, When they speak to me... Everyone knows My story. They know, They know, Of my travels Of my sexuality Of my hopes Of my abuse Of my greatest achievements
Who I am to you? A woman. A woman who has fun. Who like to venture out and dance. A woman with motivation and focus. Someone who likes to run and lift. A fashionista.
I made you believe me… You didn’t have a reason to doubt… Why would the first words I ever spoke to you Be a lie? It was psychotic.
The hardest thing I've ever done is keep my smile It's hard to keep a smile when  you're eight years old
Chorus:   I'm stressed out A lot of stuff on my mind, I don't know what to do I'm stressed out I just want to be alone, so I'm sitting in my room I'm stressed out
Others think I'm strong. Others think I'm happy all year long.   The truth is hard to spill As it is what keeps me with good will.    Sometimes I wonder if I can trust a person
If someone is in need, their guardian I will be. Need a hand? Your wish is my command. Is everything all right? You can tell me, do not be in fright. This smile I wear,
POOF! Now I am confident! SNAP! Now I am beautiful! BOOM! Now I am talented!   Here I stand, So hear my demands! My confidence has surly convinced you!
I hope to live to see my riches not a loved one from the past what does it feel like to be appreciated right here and right now Workin for the money Showing home empty handed What am I supposed to do
Tori    Content, friendly, and dramatic    Lover of modeling, fine arts, and vacations    Who feels nervous for the future, wholesomeness with life, and comfort from my caring family
I could stay up all night with my knees to my chin And whisper about the conundrum I'm in.
From the outside Just another robot Going through the motions Stuck behind this curtain Afraid to pull it back   I take a look around At all the other robots Going through the motions
Child upon the horse Horse runs strong with a spirit He sees through the lies Spirit brings life to the girl
Something won't let me open up. Maybe it's the looks of judgement from others that are really looks of envy.
"How was your day?" "Okay." Because "okay" is Less of a lie Than "Good" or even "Fine." O K A Y. Each letter is thick, Another layer between Me and the world.
  My shoes squeak, my hair rustles, and my eyes wander. But I am neither heard, felt, nor seen. Students with satisfied smiles and amused eyes scramble before me, hustling to their next class.
I've been surving for seventeen years
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
When you grow up believing that nice is the way to go, you forget that emotions, and thoughts
    You should have known better
I'm letting you in. That is what you wanted right?      To see the real me... to see me when I take society mask off at my door.                and place it next to my keys... because you know I am me when I am alone...
I took the one less traveled by.
Traveling slowly through the thickness of Time As others gallop, trot, amble and stand still with it, Time pulls me back, embracing me in every dull, dank, drastic memory that is withheld,
Once there was a man who left and his little girl was sad she cut her wrists and bleed for him as she wished to call him, dad there was an incident that spurred the path the family was split
Ooh, Ooh, For you I had a change of heart, Don't know where to start, What I'm about to say may surprise you, But now I see it clear Life ain’t always fair, What can you do, When you don't wanna hurt him, Cuz you don't deserve him, And there's no
Mirror girl, mirror girl Always in the back row Of the room or the bus or the chapel If I draw aside, draw aside the curtain Would I see you? Find you in your hiding place   Your hiding place
I can play pretend. I do it every day. I've gotten so good,
She stares at the soft carpet surrounding her.
Everyday, every minute I hide behind the curtain. I mask my eyes with glasses to hide the emotions. I paint the mask on my face to cover the spots. I put on clothes to hide my body
I've learned to see my vices as my virtues. It prevents me from conforming to living the status quo.  My brutal honesty is not liked by many,
Hello and goodbye the same each day waiting for something new something different a sign that life can get better   I'll smile at you  but inside I'm screaming I'm not fine
What exists beneath my curtain What exists beneath the wall, the shield, the barricade What extists beneath this bright smile Beneath this laugh that lights up the world What exists beneath my  protection
Do I fancy myself as more of a Marvell when I watch her delicate hands search for the rubies in her mind’s Ganges?
People think her cold   People think her bitter   People think her strange   People think her just like them   People think her cruel  
No potential. Loser. Ugh, what a drama queen. These words are released, fatal as missiles. They aren’t meant for me, at least none that can be seen. The launchers have previously accepted my denials.  
Once upon a time Innocence existed Love caused clarity Kindness was a personal trait Magic fulflled our everyday desires And knights in shining armor slayed dragons
People often wonder, About the quiet girl sitting in the corner, Who hides her face behind a book, As she laughs something, But little do they know, She’s laughing at them.
Gaze into my stormy, cloudy eyes And you will see that I am crying The tears of loss Sitting behind the curtain of lashes Trapped behind a perfect facade Of happy smiles
That girl people see walking down the hallway in school. Do they know that she is me and I am her? Crazy it might seem to some that she is a part of me. That crazy and loud girl who somehow manages to get staright As in all her classes.
If you knew the person behind the curtain, You would know the real me. If you knew the person behind the curtain, You may not be so wiling to share. The person you see is open-minded.
My life is ridden,with lies hiddenof a dark past belowthe pain I bestowkeeps me below.My identity is lost,I want to find it at any cost,my life is riddenwith lies hidden,
I am an enigma. I am a realist, a perfectionist, a bold social stigma Disapproved for my disapproval of the social norms Often found within the most social forms. People gather to talk about the status quo,
This face is not merely cheek bones, and a pretty smile This face holds a mind whose knowledge runs for miles This face is much more than the impressions of time This face holds the eyes that have witnessed the climb
What do you look like? Where are you? How do I know it's you? Did I do it right? When do I show you off? Who do I show you off to?  
What's the reason for all this madness All these pensive thoughts And there's no reason for this sadness I feel as if the world is turning in my thoughts and my brain is the axis
I’m the type of womanWho wants to be lovedYet, turns away the friendWho would surrender everything.I’m the type of woman 
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