No potential. Loser. Ugh, what a drama queen.

These words are released, fatal as missiles.

They aren’t meant for me, at least none that can be seen.

The launchers have previously accepted my denials.


But I know who I am- despite how it looks.

Yes, I too enjoy these “lame, useless creative arts”

And yes, I know I must study, study books.

But are you aware you can’t dictate “smarts”?


Who are you to tell me I must become some engineer or lawyer

Just because I have a higher IQ?

Why must I search for treasure like I’m Tom Sawyer?

Why haven’t you asked ME what I want to do?


I don’t care about money or a steady job.

I want to travel, to express myself, to love.

I know what I want, and that’s something you can’t rob

It’s not just some middle school phase you can get rid of.


Still I stand by voiceless as the course takes its turn

Using harmful words to mold another unhappy businessman

All he wanted was to be himself, but those words burn.

Now he will conform just to satisfy THEIR plan.


I watch him accept the criticism of closed minds

It hurts knowing they would be disappointed in me too

I hide what lays behind these windows with blinds

But sometimes I wish it would be done and they could just see through


No one tells you about the burden it is to please adults

No one warns you of the pains of being someone you’re not

No one says, “Oh by the way, your true self with attract insults.”

No one explains how limited they will see your free thought.


On the outside looking in, I see myself

Prudent, studious, innocent, compliant, plain

But on the inside looking out, I can’t see; I only feel myself

It feels trapped and free, both heart and brain


Freedom always comes with a price; you must know

I am free to be accepted, to be loved, to enjoy moral support

If I left it behind…If I just said no

I would be their disappointment, their settler- just falling short


“Short of your true potential”, yes maybe so

And don’t get me wrong, I’ll always respect you, but

I’m tired of acting like I’m the perfect child from some fictional show

I mean no harm; I just for once, want to go with my gut.


Of course, I never say it. Absolutely not.

They must know, surely, that I am flawed

Yet I still follow their plan like I ought

So here I stand, knowing only that I am truly a fraud. 



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