Sun, 10/19/2014 - 20:53 -- Joekyra

Hello, my name is SomeBody

And this goes out to society and everybody that refused to let me be me

Becaue yall led me to believe that I had to live up to the standards and expectations that yall and society told me had to be

Well I have news for you, my name is SomeBody and from this day on I'm living for me, the person I was and the person I know I can grow up to be

Its time for me to open my eyes, live my life and let this lie die before it consumes my life and takes away who I really am right before my own eyes

Its a new year but Im the same me, only difference is Im being honest,not for you, but for me

Because I am SomeBody and I know who I wnat the world to see

I am a real person living behind a fictional mask, never truly being happy because Im only being what society asks

Im done trying to change myself in order to meet the needs, standards and expectations of evereyone else

I never took into full consideraon about how I felt

Well that ends today

I dont care what happends so let the cards fall where they may

Im ready to be true. No longer living my life to please him, her, you, you, or you

Say what you have to say, do what you have to do. Walk out of my life for all I care, but understand that today this lie is through

Judge me, talk about me, drag my name through the dirt, all I will say is "so" because all you doing is telling people something about somebody that neither one of yall really know.

But regaurdless of your judgements my true colors and who I am will show.

Now Im sitting in front of you introducing myself saying, "Hello nice to meet you, I am the real SomeBody and the person you thought you created is walking out that door".

So I suggest everyone get used to the real me because that fictional person isn't coming back anymore.

Anyways, hello everybody, I am the real Somebody.



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