Monster Behind the Curtain


That moment when you realize you belong to the same species that has the evil capacity to kill their brothers, slaughter their children, and massacre whole nations

Power hungry monsters so corrupted by the appetite for the position of God, redemption is but an echo that you hear fading away

You weep knowing that your children will have to grow up in a society polluted by an evil so strong it can consume entire worlds

And now you comprehend that there is nothing more sickening than the thought of a breed infected by the illness called humanity


The scariest part of this realization is that this affliction, this grotesque disorder lingers inside all of us

The urge to cause pain; the hunger to draw blood; the longing to play God, just for a moment

This lust for violence lives in the deepest, darkest portion of your heart; the piece of your heart that has been weathered, damaged and is now rotting away

Yes, this detestable virus is thriving inside you; and every deception, vengeful thought, and venomous tone feeds that pathogen

Allowing it to advance on what is left of your once loving heart, leaving it putrid and lifeless


You can try to fight it, suppress it, throw a mask over it… you can try

Lock the doors, close the windows, draw the shades, but it’s pointless

Because the more you try to keep him out of the spotlight, the more he prospers

He, that demon that has spawned from the newly birthed blackness, will wear that mask with pride and begin to conspire against you

Then when the curtain rises and that monster shows his devilish face, the real show will begin


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