Thoughts From Above


You ask me if my personality lies behind a curtain,

I am sorry to inform you for that I am not certain.

Just be yourself and always strive for perfection.

My reality lies within my thoughts and rarely has me hurting.

You will always head down the path you are leading!

There's a movement coming and it has my mind churning. 

The table is turning and the sun is still burning.

There's an energy moving that is universal and eternal. 

It travels through everything with a perfect, equal dispersal. 

You think you've gotten into my head, not saying a word, 

so quite you might think I am dead. 

But I am not bored! I promise you that.

The thoughts are just flowing.... That ain't bad!

I've always got a smile and rarely get sad.

You can call me the mad hatter as I tip you my hat.




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